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Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

The PTMF sub-committee has taken this opportunity to collect a number of examples of anti-racist practice and resources for everyone drawing upon the Power Threat Meaning Framework ideas.

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On 03 August 2020 the co-chairs of the PTMF sub-committee, Jan Bostock and Gilli Watson, submitted an open letter to Sarb Bajwa (BPS CEO) and Hazel McLaughlin (BPS President) calling for further action to promote anti-racist practices and a greater focus on promoting diversity and inclusion within the society and within psychology in general. This letter (and the response) have been made available to read in full below.

They also submitted a letter to Esther Cohen-Tovee (DCP Chair) and Roman Raczka (DCp Chair-Elect) calling for the DCP itself to do more to highlight and address racial injustices, both within psychology and the wider world. This letter has also been made available to read.

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