International Conference Symposium Scheme

This grant unlocks funding for Society Member Networks to host a symposium at an international conference. Grants range from £1,500 - £3,500 and the initiative helps the BPS to showcase UK psychology to international audiences.

In recognition of the continued possibility of restrictions on holding physical events, we have extended the criteria for the scheme to both physical and online events.

Each grant provides funding to contribute towards the costs of registration (for both physical and online events) and travel and accommodation (for physical events only) for the symposium convenor/moderator and symposium panellists to participate in the symposium.   

For further details, including the full criteria and to obtain an application form, contact the team.  


  1. The Member Network needs to have a symposium accepted or submitted as part of the programme for the conference.
  2. A symposium is defined as a collection of papers on a particular subject with a number of contributors (normally more than 2), and a discussant/co-ordinator. Individual papers or workshops are not accepted. 
  3. We ask the Chair of the Member Network(s) to confirm their support for an application under this scheme in the application.
  4. Each participant in the symposium needs to be at least a Graduate Member of the Society, and a member of the relevant Member Network.
  5. The Research Board is keen to support the participation of early career researchers within the scheme and welcomes their participation within the symposium.
  6. We ask successful applicants to acknowledge the support of the British Psychological Society in their symposium and we can provide a suitable logo to help with this.


This is a biannual scheme, with deadlines usually in May and November each year.

Further Notes

Please note: Successful applicants

We will arrange to transfer grant payments to the relevant Member Network account.  Please send all receipts for registration fees and travel and accommodation costs for all participants via the Society Expenses Claim Form to the Member Network Accountant.

We also ask successful applicants to send a brief conference report for consideration by the Research Board no later than one month following the conference. 


  1. For the purposes of the bursary scheme, an international conference could take place outside of the UK or may even occur within the UK, either physically or online. 
  2. Applicants should explain the relevance of the conference to their Member Networks area of research, practice or interest within the application.
  3. Grants are only available to Member Networks i.e. Branches, Divisions, Faculties of a Division, Sections and Special Groups. 
  4. Applicants can submit joint applications. However, please include details of why you are proposing a joint symposium and include a supporting statement from the relevant Member Network Chairs.
  5. Division Faculties who submit an application must ask the Chair of the overarching Division, e.g. the Division of Clinical Psychology, to sign off the application.  We will pay all funds that we award to Division Faculties to the overarching Division account and they will be ring fenced for use by the Faculty for the symposium.
  6. If a Chair of a Member Network is making an application, please have the form counter signed by another officer i.e. Treasurer or Secretary, of that Member Network.
  7. Please send a copy of the official conference announcement, along with details of registration fee amounts, with the application.  Registration fees must be based on the early bird amount.
  8. Please include an abstract of the proposed symposium with the application, as the panel will not be able to consider it without this.
  9. If you incur any expenditure before the panel has made their decision, we regret that we will not be responsible for reimbursing such costs if the application is not successful.
  10. Please provide official confirmation of the acceptance of the symposium and evidence of conference registration at the time of application if the symposium is already accepted.  Payment of the grant will be conditional on the receipt of such confirmation.
  11. All participants should provide an up-to-date, 2-page summary CV, to be included with the application.
  12. Please check that all the details provided on the application form are correct, as any incorrect or missing details may impede the consideration of the application.