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West Midlands Branch

The West Midlands Branch of the BPS represents over 4,000 members and covers a large geographical area.


We have around 6,500 members and cover an area from Stoke on Trent in the North to Swindon and Oxford in the South, from Hereford in the West to Coventry in the East.

We are proud to represent what we like to think of as the most culturally mixed, exciting and vibrant part of the country, a place where no matter what your background, your race, religion, culture, your sex or sexuality psychology has a place for you.

At its simplest the West Midlands BPS Branch exists to bring our members together across the region, making the branch a natural home for all the psychologists here.

  • We will engage with and enthuse undergraduates and new psychologists, challenging the lack of diversity and inclusion, and work to bring everyone into the Psychology family
  • We will focus work on common cross cutting themes important for all psychologists in the West Midlands, such the lack of representativeness in psychology and the climate crisis. 
  • We aim to bring professional psychologists together to provide ‘bridges of professional expertise’ for the sharing skills and knowledge

We are keen on collaboration, working with the West Midlands Division of Clinical Psychology, and our neighbouring East Midlands and South West BPS Branches.  We also work with the Midlands Psychological Professions Network, Birmingham City Council, and the NHS Integrated Care Systems. 

We run the annual conference jointly with our excellent colleagues in the East Midlands, each Branch taking it in turns to lead the organisation and hosting of the event.  We have an Annual General Meeting usually as part of the this conference.

Our branch committee meets every eight weeks, and we have two subcommittees, one leading on communication and one on events.

How can I contribute to the West Mids. Branch?

We are really keen to work with psychologists across our area. Do let us know if you want to establish a local hub, or join one of our working groups.

In particular, we are looking for:

  • Contributions for our newsletter - articles, photographs, event or book reviews etc
  • Event updates - what’s going on in your local area? Do you have any suggestions?
  • Website updates - let us know if you would like to share information with others

To contact the chair please email [email protected]


West Midlands Branch Newsletter

The newsletter of the Society's West Midlands Branch.

Download the newsletter

Awards & funding

Conference and Event Bursaries

Conference bursaries are available to support members of the West Midlands Branch to attend (physically or virtually) any academic or practitioner conference or CPD event relevant to the applicants work.


Each bursary consists of up to £200 to contribute towards the costs of registration and/or travel (if applicable).

All applicants must be members or student subscribers of the British Psychological Society.

All applicants must agreement to provide receipts for all relevant expenditure to the Branch treasurer.

Applications that make a strong case for need and the benefits of attendance. It is expected that applicants will not apply more than once each year.

Application process

Applicants will be required to provide:

  1. Name
  2. Organisation/affiliation
  3. BPS membership number
  4. Details of the conference that the applicant wishes to attend, including title of event, date(s) and registration costs.
  5. A statement of not more than 150 words providing a brief explanation of why a bursary is needed (e.g., because a postgraduate student is not funded by a research council or their institution), why the applicant should be awarded a bursary, and how she or he will benefit from attending the conference.

All successful applicants will be requested to submit a blog style summary of the event attended suitable for publication in the West Midlands Branch newsletter.

How to apply

Download the Conference and Events Bursary Application form (please note you must be signed in to access this file)

There are two rounds of the scheme each year:

  • The June round is open from 1st  June and all applications must be received by 30th June.
  • The November round is open from 1st November and all applications must be received by 30th November.
Judging process
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a sub-panel of the West Midlands Branch committee members

Undergraduate Award

Submissions are now closed.

BPS West Midlands Branch Undergraduate Award 

BPS West Midlands Branch wants to recognise some of the excellent work done by Undergraduate Students studying in the West Midlands. One nomination from each university in the West Midlands region is invited. The nomination can be for a student on any society accredited undergraduate award and must highlight the excellence in the dissertation drawing particular attention to:

  1. How independently the student worked
  2. The novelty of the research question
  3. Whether the project has utilised research methods in an innovative way
  4. Any other aspect of the project and the student’s approach to it which you think is outstanding.
  5. All nominees will receive a certificate. The winner and two runners up will also receive a voucher.
  • Student (nominee) must be on a Society accredited undergraduate course.

  • No more than ONE nomination per university in any given year (in the case of more than one nomination, the committee will contact the nominees and expect them to agree which should be nominated between them)

  • The Committee want to hear about what is excellent, so a strong nomination statement is vital.

Judging process

The award will be judged by the Branch Committee. Committee members will declare any conflict of interests prior to participating in the decision making process. The Committee’s decision is final and will be communicated to nominee’s and nominators during July 2022.

Prize information

All nominees will receive:

  • a commemorative certificate.
  • an invitation to write a short blog style summary of their research for the West Midlands Branch Newsletter.
  • Up to £70 towards attending (physically or virtually) any academic or practitioner conference or CPD event relevant to any area of psychology. This must be claimed within 6month of receiving the prize and receipts for all relevant expenditure must be submitted.

Please note that only university nominations can be accepted. 

Please contact the [email protected] if you are interested in involving your university. 

Summer Internship Scheme

Submissions are now closed

BPS West Midlands Branch Undergraduate Research Summer Internships

The West Midlands Branch will fund three Undergraduate Research Summer Internships. This will be an opportunity for a student to work with a supervisor on a research project that must provide real benefits to the student and give them tangible training and career development support. The student will be provided (either face to face, virtually or mixed methods) with research training, direct experience of research and an insight into scientific research. The aim is to develop the students’ research skills, support the student in their career development and for them to provide some valuable assistance on a research project. We particularly wish to support those from backgrounds who, without this award, would be unable to undertake a summer internship

The Award:

The award is made jointly to the supervisor and the student.  It provides a student stipend at a weekly rate of £240, for a maximum of 8 weeks. This money will be paid to the host institution, who will then arrange to pay the student. The host institution will need to meet all other related overheads.


To be eligible to receive a Research Assistantship award, students must be:

  • Completing a Society accredited undergraduate degree or a masters degree in psychology
  • Expecting to achieve a 2.1 or a 1st class degree or is on a masters programme and expected to achieve a merit or distinction.
  • Finishing the penultimate, or final year of their degree

In addition, the supervisor:

  • Must be employed in a UK HEI in the West Midlands and at the same institution as the student
  • Must be at least a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.
  • Can only make one application in any year
Application Process:

Supervisors and students should work together and submit:

A research proposal (this must not exceed 600 words – please include a word count at the end of the document). The proposal must specify a detailed, timetabled and specific project that is feasible and achievable within the proposed timescale. This will include a specific training component e.g. training in the professional testing of participants (possibly including patients, children, or other sensitive groups), training in collating and analysing data and in the communication of the research findings.

Details of the ethical review procedures that the research proposal will be, or has been, subject to. All research proposals must be compliant with the Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Code of Human Research Ethics and the relevant supplementary guidelines for research with animals (as appropriate). (N.B. we will only release funding for successful applications once we are in receipt of official confirmation showing that you have been granted ethical approval).

Applications must also include:
  • A signed statement from the student (this must not exceed 500 words, and a word count must be provided at the end of the document) outlining why they want this bursary and how it will contribute to their career aspirations. We particularly wish to support those from backgrounds who without this award would be unable to undertake a summer internship
  • A signed confirmation from the Head of Department that is hosting the Research Assistant, indicating the Department’s willingness to administer the bursary; confirmation of the student’s expected degree classification; providing support for any additional costs where appropriate; their support for the application; and general support for the hosting an Assistantship/project.

Judging Process:

All applications received will undergo blind peer review by a subcommittee of the West Midlands Branch. The Committee’s decision is final and will be communicated to applicants in May.


Chair: Lawrence Moulin ([email protected])

Chair Elect: Lawrence Moulin

Past Chair 

Honorary Treasurer: Martin James Turner

Honorary Secretary: Sarah Rose

Communications Officer: Harry Rowley

General Committee Members

  • Ebony Murray
  • Emma Vardy
  • Flo Tarpey
  • James Booth
  • Laura Scurlock-Evans
  • Philippa Carr

PsyPAG Representative: Vacant

Internal Representative: Vacant

External Representative for Psychology Technicians: Amy Louise Simkiss

Representative - Co Newsletter Editor: Vacant


When you join the BPS you are automatically made a member of your local branch.

The West Midlands Branch of the BPS covers the following areas/postcodes:

  • Birmingham (B1- B99)
  • Coventry (CV)
  • Dudley (DY)
  • Gloucester (GL)
  • Hereford (HR)
  • Oxford (OX)
  • Swindon (SN)
  • Stoke on Trent (ST)
  • Shrewsbury (SY1 to SY14)
  • Telford (TF)
  • Worcester (WR)
  • Walsall (WS)
  • Wolverhampton (WV)


Benefits of belonging

Member Announcement Email List

The West Midlands Branch uses its membership announcement email list to inform its members of activities and initiatives that are relevant to their interests and to make requests for engagement on topical issues. 

By becoming a member of the Branch you are automatically added to the announcement list.

To receive these emails you will need to:

  1. become a member of the West Midlands Branch
  2. opt into receiving email communication and provide a working email address

These preferences can be updated by logging into your member portal.

If you have any queries, please contact Member Network Services

To assist us in responding to your query please make sure to include your membership number and quote 'BPS West Midlands Branch announcement email' in the subject line.

Getting involved with the West Midlands Branch Committee

The West Midlands Branch relies on a wide range of people getting involved, and the work of the Branch is largely achieved through the dedication of unpaid volunteers.

Our volunteers come from a wide range of different backgrounds, whether they be practitioners or academics, or full members or in-training members, and together form an open and inclusive community.