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Psychobiology Section

Psychobiologists research how psychological factors like cognition, mood and appraisal combine with biological events like stress physiology, changes in brain function, and pharmacological effects, to shape the human experience.


The Psychobiology Section of the BPS provides a forum for the discussion and professional issues for people with interests in the more biological aspects of psychology, and its primary aim is to complement the functions of specialised research groups within these various areas.

Its present membership includes those active in multiple fields of psycho-physiology, including:

  • psychopharmacology
  • physiological psychology
  • animal behaviour
  • behavioural genetics
  • learning theory
  • neuropsychology

And it is the constant striving to understand these mind-body interactions which provides psychobiology with a unique perspective on humanity.

Psychobiology Section


Psychobiology Section




Chair: Kyla Pennington

Honorary Treasurer: Richard Stephens

Honorary Secretary: Catherine Loveday

Bursary Award Lead: Philip Murphy

Research Integrity Lead: Michael Smith

Social Media Lead: Sarah Allen

Events Lead: James Jackson

EDI Lead: Eimear Lee

Student Representative: Lovell Jones


Membership of the Psychobiology Section is only open to members of the British Psychological Society.

If you are not already a member, you can join the Section at the same time as applying for membership of the society.

Apply to join the society

Benefits of belonging

Benefits of Psychobiology Section Membership

  • Eligibility to apply for a range of awards and bursaries. 
  • Reduced registration fees for the Psychobiology Annual Scientific Meeting. 
  • Regular issues of the Section newsletter.
  • Regular updates via our membership announcement e-mail list. 

Member Announcement Email List

The Psychobiology Section uses its membership announcement email list to inform its members of activities and initiatives that are relevant to their interests and to make requests for engagement on topical issues. 

By becoming a member of the Section you are automatically added to the announcement list.

To receive these emails you will need to:

  1. become a member of the Psychobiology Section
  2. opt into receiving email communication and provide a working email address

These preferences can be updated by logging into your member portal.

If you have any queries, please contact Member Network Services.

To assist us in responding to your query please make sure to include your membership number and quote 'Psychobiology Section announcement email' in the subject line.

Getting involved with Psychobiology Section Committee

The Psychobiology Section relies on a wide range of people getting involved, and the work of the Section is largely achieved through the dedication of unpaid volunteers.

Our volunteers come from a wide range of different backgrounds, whether they be practitioners or academics, or full members or student members, and together form an open and inclusive community.