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Presidents' Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge

The Award is given as a mid-career recognition of the achievements of those who are currently engaged in research of outstanding quality.

Recipients are invited to deliver the Presidents' Award Lecture at the Society's annual conference, at which they will be presented with a commemorative certificate. Recipients are also eligible for Life Membership of the Society.


As a general guide, mid-career would normally be expected to be within 10-15 years (early mid-career) to 20-25 (late mid-career) years post PhD.

Career breaks would be taken into consideration within these parameters.

Candidates must normally be resident in the UK but need not be existing members of the Society.


A nomination statement clearly stating the grounds for the nomination should be sent to the Chair of the Research Board c/o the Leicester Office.

A CV need not be included but may be requested directly from the nominee once a shortlist has been agreed by the Award Subcommittee.

Nominators must be members of the Society.

Advice on what to include within a nomination statement:

  • The nomination statement is important. The Committee use this to assess the contribution of the candidate.
  • Provide information on the research the candidate has undertaken in a way that is informative to those who do not necessarily have an in-depth knowledge of the subject area.
  • Use subheadings to summarise the candidates main research areas and highlight the significant books, journal articles, and other specific key contributions and developments outlined within the candidates CV.

Further details, including the criteria can be obtained from the Board Administrator.

Previous recipients

2017 Marcus Munafò
2016 Alex Haslam
2015 Matthew Lambon Ralph
2014 Richard Crisp
2013 Tim Dalgleish
2012 Constantine Sedikides
2011 Usha Goswami
2010 Paul Burgess
2009 Dominic Abrams and Jon Driver
2008 Mark Johnson
2007 Susan Gathercole
2006 Simon Baron-Cohen
2005 Peter Halligan
2004 Tony Manstead and Steven Tipper
2003 Margaret J. Snowling
2002 Graham Hitch
2001 Miles Hewstone
2000 David Perrett
1999 Glyn Humphreys
1998 John Sloboda
1997 Vicki Bruce
1996 Frank Fincham
1995 Andrew Young
1994 Marie Johnson
1993 Michael Morgan
1992 Andrew Mathews
1991 Tim Shallice
1990 Uta Frith
1989 Howard Giles
1988 John Morton
1987 Max Coltheart
1986 N. J. Mackintosh
1985 Philip Johnson-Laird
1984 Peter Bryant
1983 Jeffrey A. Gray
1982 Peter Warr
1981 Alan D. Baddeley
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