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PsyPAG Committee Vacancies

To apply for a PsyPAG committee role, you must either be a BPS member or your application to be a member be in progress.

03 August 2022

Please note: as of July 2021, anyone appointed to a PsyPAG role will be required to be a member of the BPS.

Individuals enrolled on a post-graduate Psychology programme in the UK may be entitled to receive a post-graduate membership discount to annual BPS fees.

Applicants may apply for more than one position, though a maximum of 3 positions can be held at any one time (including core committee and sub-committee chair roles).

The deadline for applications is 09 August 2022.

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Each position corresponds to one of the BPS Member Network committees. Role holders will sit on the PsyPAG committee.

The general committee meets 4 times a year. Meetings will alternate be in-person and virtual, however, a virtual attendance option will be available where meetings will be in-person. Role holders may also be invited to be part of the BPS Member Network committee, and to attend that committee’s meetings. The frequency of these varies across networks. Travel expenses to attend in-person meetings can be reclaimed.

All positions are for a 2-year appointment. Role holders are expected to attend meetings; take an active role on one of the PsyPAG sub-committees, such as judging the annual awards; and to submit one article to the Quarterly Journal during their tenure. Involvement and organising of activities beyond this are not a requirement of the role holder and are only encouraged where the individual has time capacity.

The following positions on the general PsyPAG Core Committee are currently welcoming applications:

Please note: for roles marked with an asterisk we particularly welcome applications from anyone currently working towards fulfilment of the requirements to use the associated protected practitioner title e.g. those currently completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

  • Quarterly Journal Editors – 2 positions
  • BPS Ethics Committee
  • BPS Student Group Liaison Officer
  • Division of Counselling Psychology*
  • Division of Educational and Child Psychology
  • Division of Coaching Psychology
  • Division of Neuropsychology*
  • Division of Occupational Psychology
  • Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology*
  • Cognitive Psychology Section
  • Consciousness and Experimental Psychology Section
  • Defence and Security Psychology Section
  • History and Philosophy of Psychology Section
  • Psychology of Sexualities Section
  • Male Psychology Section
  • Psychobiology Section
  • Psychotherapy Section
  • Qualitative Methods Section
  • Social Psychology Section
  • Transpersonal Section
  • Crisis, Disaster & Trauma Section
  • East of England Branch
  • North West of England Branch
  • Northern Ireland Branch
  • Scottish Branch
  • South West of England Branch
  • Welsh Branch
  • West Midlands Branch
  • London & Home Counties Branch

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