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New Covid-19 research resources hub

The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for everyone, including the academic staff and students in psychology departments.

04 December 2020

By BPS Communications

We recently undertook a survey and focus group to understand the impact and how we could help. The full report on the survey will be published shortly.

One element of support that we could prove to staff and students was highlighted as the sharing of research resources. 

The Research Board had already discussed potential options for support and decided that a hub signposting guidance, publications and other publications would be beneficial. This is now the Covid-19 Research Resources Hub.

Working closely with Professor Andy Tolmie, Professor Debbie Riby, Professor Vic Simms, Dr Duncan Guest, Dr Andrew Dunn, Dr Ailsa Niven and Dr Michael Pilling, we have gathered as many resources already available online to provide them in one place. 

We have also used some existing sets of guidance, protocols, standard operating procedures and request forms from academic departments to create generic templates that can be used. We want to thank all of those that have so readily shared these existing materials.

Relevant articles from BPS member network periodicals are linked, as well as specific BPS ethics and research guidance published recently.

This is just the start. This resource will evolve as new innovative methods, guidance and software becomes available. We will help as much as we can by sharing this information. 

Inclusion does not indicate endorsement - just that fellow academic staff, students and departments have found it to be useful, by either reframing or restarting existing research, or developing new research proposals.

If you have any useful links or resources that you would be willing to share with others, please contact Lisa Morrison Coulthard

Visit the Covid-19 research resources hub

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