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Digital and technology, Equality, diversity and inclusion

Equity and inclusion proposal for digital practice

Over the last 20 years, healthcare has begun operating in a digital world.

29 May 2024

It is well documented that digital interventions have the potential to increase accessibility to mental health support for some individuals (Titov et al., 2016; Torous et al., 2020).

With a wide range of mental health apps are available to the public reported to provide cost effective, usable services that can be accessed from home, negating the need to travel to a clinic, which can act as a bridge to accessing care (Price et al. 2014; Ralston, Andrews & Hope, 2019).

NHS digital (2019) defines 'digital inclusion' as covering three main areas:

  1. Digital skills (ability to use devices)
  2. Connectivity (access to the internet)
  3. Accessibility (services needing to meeting all users' needs

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DCP Equity and inclusion proposal for digital practice