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BPS welcomes £150m investment in mental health services, but highlights cost to NHS staff

The BPS is pleased to see investment in mental health services, but highlights the impact of inadequate funding on NHS staff mental health and wellbeing.

24 January 2023

The government has announced it will invest £150 million in mental health services up to April 2025 that will better support people experiencing – or at risk of experiencing – mental health crises to receive help in more appropriate settings outside of A&E, helping to ease pressures facing the NHS. 

Sarb Bajwa, chief executive of the BPS, said: 

“We are pleased to see the government announce further investment in mental health services. We welcome the outlined measures that will go some way to alleviate the damaging impact of a lack of suitable mental health provision on other NHS services, and help create safer and more appropriate environments for patients who desperately need timely support. 

While we of course welcome a much needed increase in funding for emergency and crisis services, with demand for mental health services soaring, it’s vital the government also invests further in preventative services to help people before they reach crisis point. 

“We know NHS staff are already facing unprecedented levels of stress and burnout, so further information on how the new services will be staffed is essential.

With staff turnover and retention in crisis, it’s critical that the government commits to further ring-fenced funding for NHS Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs, which are proven to help much-needed health professionals stay in their jobs.”

Read the full government announcement here

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