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BPS calls for full national rollout of Early Support Hubs as government expands programme

The BPS is pleased to see the expansion of the Early Support Hubs and the government’s commitment to increased investment, however without a national rollout backed by sustainable funding, children and young people could be at the mercy of a postcode lottery.

27 February 2024

By BPS Communications

The extra funding for the Early Support Hubs should see more children and young people receive better mental health support in their own communities and also help ease the current extreme pressures on mental health services.

Dr Helen Griffiths, chair of the BPS’s Division of Clinical Psychology’s Faculty for Children, Young People, and their Families, said:

“We know that early intervention is crucial when it comes to supporting children and young people’s mental health and preventing the development of more serious challenges. Removing barriers to accessing services and reducing stigma associated with seeking help is so important – and Early Support Hubs aim to do both of these things.

“With growing numbers of children and young people needing mental health support and waiting lists soaring, this investment couldn’t be more needed, and more urgent. The hubs provide a good opportunity to support young people with their wellbeing at an early stage.

“It is important that the support provided is psychologically informed and there is the necessary workforce in place to deliver and support with the delivery of the hubs.”

Dr Gavin Morgan, chair of the BPS’s Division of Educational and Child Psychology, added:

“This is a positive step, and the hubs have an important role to play as part of a wider, properly funded and resourced mental health service to support children and young people, which also focuses on the role of schools and colleges in supporting our children and young people and their mental health.

“We hope that there will be a full national roll out of the hubs programme, complete with long-term and sustainable funding, to ensure that all children and young people across the country can access the support they provide, avoiding the risk of this becoming a postcode lottery.”