New DOP groups

The DOP is establishing six new types of groups

For more information please read Redrawing the Map: New Groups for the Division of Occupational Psychology.

Interest Streams

The following interest streams will start up in the third and fourth quarters of 2022:

DOP Wellbeing and Work Interest Stream

DOP Psychological Assessment at Work Interest Stream

DOP Learning, Training and Development Interest Stream

DOP Leadership, Engagement and Motivation Interest Stream

DOP Work Design, Organisational Change and Development Interest Stream

Previous Working Groups

The working groups and sub-committees listed below finished on 30 November, 2021, and are now permanently closed.

The DOP wishes to thank the members of all these groups for their contribution to the division over many years.

Assessment Standards

Produced new standards compliant with the more general ISO 10667 standards on assessment. 

Awards and Recognition

Organised an annual awards ceremony for many years and prepared a review of the awards structure for the DOP Committee.

The DOP is launching a new streamlined awards structure in 2022.

Communications Sub-committee

Supported DOP's communications activities.

Going Green

Aimed to raise awareness of the role of occupational psychology (and psychology) in pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace – the relationship between science and practice.


Supported the international interests of the DOP.

Neurodiversity and employment

Aimed to raise awareness of neurodiversity within occupational psychology, supported practice and careers guidance, promoted research in neurodiversity and sought to influence employers, organisations, regulatory bodies and government.

Professional Development and Networking Sub-committee

Aimed to support  DOP's goal of enhancing the range and quality of the networking and professional development opportunities available to members.

Psychology of Health and Wellbeing

 Aimed to raise awareness of the role that psychologists play and the contribution that they can make to health and wellbeing (H&WB) at work.

Volunteer Development Sub-Committee

 Aimed to support the DOP to achieve its Strategic Plan through recruitment of volunteers; and to support volunteers to give their best. .

Work-Life Balance Group

Aimed to ensure that evidence-based research and strategies for successfully managing the work/non-work interface in a healthy and sustainable manner are promoted widely for the benefit of individuals, organisations and wider society.