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The BPS in Wales

The Welsh Branch has some 1600 members distributed widely across Wales, with main groupings around the major towns and cities, and a committee which includes representatives from across the country.


The Welsh Branch exists to promote and advance psychology as a whole, but with particular relevance to policy and practice in Wales.

The branch helps our members to meet up (virtually or in-person) and share ideas with other psychologists.

You are automatically allocated membership to the Welsh Branch if you are a BPS member based in Wales.

Our Welsh branch e-newsletter informs members of activities and initiatives that are relevant to our members in Wales, as well as requests for engagement on topical issues.

Please note: members must be opted in to receive emails (more information can be found on the join tab).

The BPS Divisions (specialisms) with dedicated Welsh committees are:

For further information or to join a Welsh BPS committee contact [email protected].

Cardiff City Centre, St Mary street

Welsh Branch activity 2023

Our first annual report highlights the work that our colleagues have undertaken in 2023, during a year of significant change.

Events and conferences

Every year we organise an Annual Student Conference, usually in mid-to-late April, whose themes are purposefully broad-ranging so as to attract as many delegates as possible.

We also hold a number of Scientific Meetings throughout the year.

Please check the Events tab for information on future events and scientific talks of interest. 

The Welsh Branch sees the support of members as one of its central functions.

We are therefore very keen to help members organise and advertise seminars and conferences in Wales, and we can also - within certain limits - help to subsidise such meetings from our funds.

We also distribute annual awards and prizes to students from Welsh universities every year.

Psychology Departments in Welsh Universities

Welsh Branch


Welsh Branch



Public affairs

The Welsh Branch has a devolved public affairs function to develop key policy areas in Wales that are aligned to our Corporate Strategy, working closely with parliamentarians and government officials to influence priority issues on how we support our members.

We develop relationships with members in Wales through the Branch and the Divisions, identifying key priorities, and working with wider external Welsh stakeholders on these key issues.

We monitor and react to ongoing parliamentary activity, respond to consultations and participate in campaigns, and share political and stakeholder intelligence with members and teams across the BPS.

We support the development of nation-specific communications to ensure our broader campaigns speak to a Welsh audience and, where possible, build coalitions of support amongst stakeholders to further develop our role in the sector.

For more information contact our Senior Public Affairs Adviser at [email protected].

Mae gan Gangen Cymru swyddogaeth materion cyhoeddus ddatganoledig i ddatblygu meysydd polisi allweddol yng Nghymru sy’n cyd-fynd â’n Strategaeth Gorfforaethol. Rydym yn gweithio’n agos gyda seneddwyr a swyddogion y llywodraeth i ddylanwadu ar faterion blaenoriaeth o ran sut rydym yn cefnogi ein haelodau.

Rydym yn datblygu cysylltiadau gydag aelodau yng Nghymru drwy’r gangen a’r is-adrannau, gan nodi blaenoriaethau allweddol, a gweithio gyda rhanddeiliaid allanol ehangach yng Nghymru ar y materion allweddol hyn. Rydym yn monitro ac yn ymateb i weithgarwch [seneddol/cynulliad] parhaus, yn ymateb i ymgynghoriadau ac yn cymryd rhan mewn ymgyrchoedd, ac yn rhannu gwybodaeth wleidyddol a a gwybodaeth rhanddeiliaid gydag aelodau a thimau eraill ar draws y BPS.

Rydym yn cefnogi’r gwaith o ddatblygu cyfathrebiadau sy’n benodol i wledydd er mwyn sicrhau bod ein hymgyrchoedd ehangach yn siarad â chynulleidfa Gymreig. Lle bo’n bosibl, rydym yn adeiladu clymbleidiau o gefnogaeth ymysg rhanddeiliaid i ddatblygu ein rôl yn y sector ymhellach.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â Manel Tippett, Uwch Gynghorydd Materion Cyhoeddus (Cymru) yn [email protected].

Nodwch mai oriau gwaith Manel yw: Boreau Llun, Mawrth a Mercher.

Welsh Branch Undergraduate Prize

Awarded for the best undergraduate dissertation at each BPS-accredited Welsh Branch University.

The British Psychological Society Welsh Branch is delighted to introduce its undergraduate dissertation prize in the region, offering 9 awards of £100 each.

The Board of Examiners at each University will decide on the dissertation submitted to the Welsh Branch.

Eligible universities

  • Aberystwyth University
  • Bangor University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Cardiff University
  • Wrexham Glyndwr University
  • University of South Wales
  • Swansea University
  • University of Wales: Trinity Saint David
  • The Open University (students placed in region 10 for their studies)

Each university nominates its best undergraduate dissertation, and each winner is awarded a monetary prize worth £100 subject to the Branch receiving a 1500 word summary article which will be published in our annual publication, currently The BPS Awards publication.

The summary of your dissertation will be published in our BPS Branch Awards publication. Every article has a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) meaning their abstracts can be discoverable via Google Scholar.

Authors also have retained rights for their articles including green open access, so they can post their own articles to online repositories.

How to apply

Nominees (students) can not apply for this prize directly through the BPS Welsh Branch. Eligible University Psychology Departments will nominate students to the BPS Welsh Branch.

If you consider yourself eligible to be nominated for this Prize and have not been please contact  [email protected].

  • 17 July: Welsh Branch will write to successful nominees requesting 1,500 word shortened dissertation for publication in BPS Awards Bulletin
  • 23 August: extended deadline for universities to complete relevant documentation
  • 07 September: deadline for submission of shortened dissertations
  • 31 October: successful shortened dissertations will be sent to the Welsh Branch Reviewing Committee
  • 30 November: comments for the successful shortened dissertations will be sent back to successful nominees
  • 17 December: Welsh Branch will issue the prizes

Bursary Scheme for Members

English version

Bursaries will be awarded to contribute to the cost of conferences, workshops, courses or visits that are pertinent to the student's studies, especially their dissertation/research interests, or are concerned with research design techniques or data analysis. A report on any conference or workshop attended will be required within a month of the event attended for publication on the Welsh Branch website. Preferences will be given to students who are presenting at a meeting, or can demonstrate direct relevance to their work. 

  • Agreement to provide receipts for all relevant expenditure to the Branch treasurer.
  • All applicants must be members or student subscribers of the British Psychological Society and pursuing studies for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in psychology at a Welsh institution of higher education or Welsh branch of a National Institution of higher education. 
  • Applicants should be able to show that all other reasonable efforts to obtain financial support (e.g. from his/her department) have been made. Postgraduate students whose support from a Research Council includes financial aid to attend conferences would only be candidates for bursaries in exceptional circumstances, as judged by the Welsh Branch Committee. 
Guidance for application
  • Application MUST be supported by TWO members of staff from the institution where they are students, who must be members of the British Psychological Society and must complete the relevant section of the form.
  • The applicant must send a letter supporting their application, that includes 
    • Details of the conference/workshop/visit including costs 
    • Indication of other sources of funding, if any, from which they have sought financial assistance
    • Justification for their proposed visit or attendance at a conference or workshop in terms of its relevance to their studies.
How to apply

    Bursary scheme application

    Download the English version of the form

    English version of the bursary form

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    Judging process
    • Each application will be considered on its own merit by the Committee of the BPS Welsh Branch. However there is a limited budget for bursaries that is agreed annually by the Committee. The maximum amount that can be granted for an individual bursary currently stands at £250. 

    Bursary scheme application

    Download the Welsh version of the form

    Welsh version of the bursary form

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    Welsh version

    Caiff pob cais ei ystyried yn ôl ei deilyngdod gan Bwyllgor CSP Cangen Cymru. Fodd bynnag, mae'r gyllideb ar gyfer bwrsarïau yn gyfyngedig a chaiff hon ei chytuno'n flynyddol gan y Pwyllgor. Y swm mwyaf y gellir ei roi am fwrsari unigol ar hyn o bryd yw £250. 

    Dylai’r ymgeiswyr fedru dangos bod pob ymdrech rhesymol arall wedi'i wneud i gael cymorth ariannol (e.e. gan eu hadran). Byddai myfyrwyr ôl-raddedig y mae eu cefnogaeth gan Gyngor Ymchwil yn cynnwys cymorth ariannol i fynychu cynadleddau, yn cael eu hystyried fel ymgeiswyr am fwrsarïau mewn amgylchiadau eithriadol yn unig, yn ôl y bernir gan Bwyllgor Cangen Cymru. 

    Mae'n rhaid i bob ymgeisydd fod yn aelod neu'n fyfyriwr tanysgrifedig o Gymdeithas Seicoleg Prydain (CSP) ac yn astudio ar gyfer gradd israddedig neu ôl-raddedig mewn seicoleg mewn sefydliad addysg uwch yng Nghymru neu mewn cangen yng Nghymru o Sefydliad Addysg Uwch Cenedlaethol.

    Mae'n rhaid i ymgeiswyr am fwrsarïau lenwi Ffurflen Gais Bwrsari CSP Cangen Cymru. Mae'n RHAID iddynt gael eu cefnogi gan DDAU aelod staff o'r sefydliad ble maent yn fyfyrwyr, ac mae'n rhaid i'r rhain fod yn aelodau o Gymdeithas Seicoleg Prydain ac wedi llenwi'r adran berthnasol ar y ffurflen. Ynghyd â'r Ffurflen Gais Bwrsari, mae'n rhaid i'r ymgeisydd hefyd anfon llythyr sy'n ategu eu cais at yr Ymgynghorydd dros CSP Cangen Cymru yn Swyddfa Cangen Cymru, ac ynddo dylent gynnwys y canlynol: 

    • Cyfiawnhad am eu hymweliad neu bresenoldeb arfaethedig mewn cynhadledd neu weithdy yn nhermau ei berthnasedd i'w hastudiaethau 
    • Manylion unrhyw ffynonellau cyllid eraill, os oes rhai, y maent wedi ceisio cymorth ariannol ganddynt
    • Manylion y gynhadledd/gweithdy/ymweliad, yn cynnwys costau 

    Rhoddir bwrsarïau i gyfrannu at gost cynadleddau, gweithdai, cyrsiau neu ymweliadau sy'n berthnasol i astudiaethau'r myfyriwr, ac yn arbennig i'w diddordebau traethawd hir/ymchwil, neu sy'n ymwneud â thechnegau cynllunio ymchwil neu ddadansoddi data. Bydd yn rhaid cyflwyno adroddiad ar unrhyw gynhadledd neu weithdy a fynychir o fewn mis ar ôl y digwyddiad a fynychir, i'w gyhoeddi ar wefan Cangen Cymru. Rhoddir blaenoriaeth i fyfyrwyr sy'n rhoi cyflwyniad mewn cyfarfod, neu a all ddangos perthnasedd uniongyrchol i'w gwaith. 

    Bursary scheme application

    Download the Welsh version of the form

    Welsh version of the bursary form

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    Postgraduate Research grants

    English version

    Applications are currently closed.

    Applications are now open for students and early career researchers (up to 3 years post PhD completion) at Welsh universities to apply for two new grant schemes designed to support a broad range of research activity.

    The Professor Beatrice Edgell Grant aims to support psychological research and related training for a postgraduate student or early career researcher studying at, or employed by a Welsh university. The Professor Idwal Jones Grant provides the same level of support but is specifically designed to support research activity with a focus on the Welsh language and/or Welsh communities. The names of the grants were decided upon following a vote by the branch’s members.

    There are ten Professor Beatrice Edgell grants available, and five Professor Idwal Jones grants, with £400 awarded to each successful applicant to aid their research. In order to apply, applicants must be studying and/or employed at a university in Wales. Applications are open to students studying at MSc/MRes and PhD level and to early career/post-doctoral researchers who completed their PhD with the last three years.  

    Judging process
    • Each application will be considered on its own merit by the Committee of the BPS Welsh Branch. However there is a limited budget for bursaries that is agreed annually by the Committee.  

    Professor Beatrice Edgell

    Professor Beatrice Edgell was the first British woman to gain a doctorate in psychology and the first British woman to be named a professor of psychology. She was also the first woman to be president of the British Psychological Society and the Mind Association. She studied at University of Wales, Aberystwyth and is credited with inspiring a number of her students who became notable psychologists, including Professor Dame Olive Wheeler.

    Professor Idwal Jones

    Born in Pen-clawdd, Professor Idwal Jones was a champion of the Welsh language and was one of the pioneers writing on modern psychology in Welsh. He was responsible for officially initiating the teaching of a subject through the medium of Welsh in the University of Wales, and much of the success in establishing Welsh as a recognised medium of instruction at university level is due to him. He was the chair of education at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and under his leadership it developed as a significant international centre for bilingual studies.

    Welsh version

    Applications are currently closed.

    Mae ceisiadau yn awr ar agor er mwyn i fyfyrwyr ac ymchwilwyr sy’n dechrau eu gyrfa (hyd at 3 blynedd ar ôl cwblhau PhD) ym mhrifysgolion Cymru gyflwyno ceisiadau i ddau gynllun grant newydd i gynorthwyo amrywiaeth eang o weithgareddau ymchwil.

    Nod Grant yr Athro Beatrice Edgell yw cynorthwyo ymchwil seicolegol a hyfforddiant cysylltiedig ar gyfer myfyriwr ôl-raddedig neu ymchwilydd sy’n dechrau ei yrfa sy’n astudio neu’n cael ei gyflogi gan un o brifysgolion Cymru. Mae Grant yr Athro Idwal Jones yn darparu’r un lefel o gymorth ond fe’i bwriedir yn benodol i gynorthwyo gweithgaredd ymchwil sy’n canolbwyntio ar yr iaith Gymraeg a/neu ar gymunedau Cymreig. Penderfynwyd ar enwau’r grantiau yn dilyn pleidlais ymysg aelodau’r gangen.

    Mae deg o grantiau’r Athro Beatrice Edgell ar gael, a phump o grantiau’r Athro Idwal Jones, gyda £400 yn cael ei ddyfarnu i bob ymgeisydd llwyddiannus i gynorthwyo â’u gwaith ymchwil. Er mwyn ymgeisio, rhaid i ymgeiswyr fod yn astudio a/neu’n cael eu cyflogi mewn prifysgol yng Nghymru. Mae ceisiadau ar agor i fyfyrwyr sy’n astudio ar lefel MSc/MRes a PhD ac i ymchwilwyr ôl-ddoethurol/sy’n dechrau eu gyrfa ac wedi cwblhau eu PhD yn y tair blynedd diwethaf.  

    y broses feirniadu
    • Caiff pob cais ei ystyried yn ôl ei deilyngdod gan Bwyllgor CSP Cangen Cymru. Fodd bynnag, mae'r gyllideb ar gyfer bwrsarïau yn gyfyngedig a chaiff hon ei chytuno'n flynyddol gan y Pwyllgor
    Proses ymgeisio

    Yr Athro Beatrice Edgell

    Yr Athro Beatrice Edgell oedd y fenyw gyntaf ym Mhrydain i ennill doethuriaeth mewn seicoleg a’r fenyw gyntaf ym Mhrydain i gael ei galw yn athro seicoleg. Hi hefyd oedd y fenyw gyntaf i fod yn llywydd ar Gymdeithas Seicolegol Prydain a Chymdeithas Mind. Astudiodd ym Mhrifysgol Cymru, Aberystwyth a rhoddir iddi’r clod am ysbrydoli nifer o’i myfyrwyr a ddaeth yn seicolegwyr enwog, gan gynnwys yr Athro a’r Fonesig Olive Wheeler.

    Yr Athro Idwal Jones

    Ganed yr Athro Idwal Jones ym Mhen-clawdd, roedd yn hyrwyddwr ar y Gymraeg ac roedd yn un o’r arloeswyr a fu’n ysgrifennu am seicoleg fodern yn Gymraeg. Roedd yn gyfrifol am gychwyn addysgu pwnc yn swyddogol drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg ym Mhrifysgol Cymru, ac iddo ef y mae’r clod am lawer o’r llwyddiant a gafwyd yn sefydlu’r Gymraeg fel cyfrwng cyfarwyddyd cydnabyddedig ar lefel prifysgolion. Roedd yn Gadeirydd addysg yng Ngholeg Prifysgol Cymru, Aberystwyth a dan ei arweinyddiaeth datblygodd yr Adran Addysg yn Aberystwyth yn ganolfan ryngwladol bwysig ar gyfer astudiaethau dwyieithog.


    Chair: Sharon Davis

    Honorary Treasurer: Jeremy Warren

    Honorary Secretary: Vacant

    Committee Members:

    • Jessica Towicz
    • Jeremy Warren
    • Owen Hughes
    • Katherine Saxby
    • Beverley Pickard-Jones
    • Thomas Jones

    Division of Counselling Psychology (DCoP) Wales Representatives: Rachel Davies / Lynne Jones

    Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) Wales Representatives: Bethan Philips / Elanor Maybury

    Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP) Wales Representative: Cerys Miles

    Division of Health Psychology (DHP) Wales Representative: Heidi Seage

    Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DARTP) Wales Representative: Louise Allen-Walker

    Representative for Educational Psychology: Abigail Wright

    PsyPAG Representative: Vacant

    Aberystwyth Representatives: David Dalley

    USW Representative: Rachel Davies

    Practice Board Representative: Vacant

    Policy Advisor: Manel Tippett


    When you join the BPS you are automatically made a member of your local branch.

    The Welsh Branch of the BPS covers the following areas/postcodes:

    • Cardiff (CF)
    • Chester (CH5-CH8)
    • Llandrindod Wells (LD)
    • Llandudno, Gwynedd (LL)
    • Newport, Gwent (NP)
    • Swansea (SA)
    • Shrewsbury (SY15-SY25)

    Member Announcement E-Newsletter

    The Welsh Branch uses its e-newsletter to inform its members of activities and initiatives that are relevant to their interests and to make requests for engagement on topical issues. 

    By becoming a member of the Branch you are automatically added to the announcement list.

    To receive these emails you will need to:

    1. become a member of the Welsh Branch
    2. opt into receiving email communication and provide a working email address

    These preferences can be updated by logging into your member portal.

    If you have any queries, please contact Member Network support - Welsh Branch.

    To assist us in responding to your query please make sure to include your membership number and quote 'BPS Welsh Branch announcement email' in the subject line.

    Get involved with the Welsh Branch committee

    The Welsh Branch relies on a wide range of people getting involved, and the work of the Branch is largely achieved through the dedication of unpaid volunteers.

    Our volunteers come from a wide range of different backgrounds, whether they be practitioners or academics, or full members or in-training members, and together form an open and inclusive community.