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Special Group for Psychology and Social Care

The Special Group for Psychology and Social Care aims to promote active debate around the evolution of social care as a professional service evolution whilst simultaneously encouraging new and worthwhile ventures in the area.


Social Services Departments, by and large, do not employ their own psychologists and there is no national move in this direction.

However they have a responsibility to some of the most disadvantaged people in our society, and recent legislation has provided many new challenges in the child, adolescent and adult spheres. 

Psychological services are also undergoing rapid evolution and there is now greater emphasis upon clearly contracted professional work being delivered in a vigorously accountable manner.

To address these issues (and others) the Special Group for Psychology and Social Care aims to:

  • carry out activities as may be conducive to the foregoing aims
  • debate and to help implement the recommendations of the BPS Working Party report Psychologists and Social Services
  • generate proposals for the initial training to better equip psychologists for work within or in conjunction with Social Services Departments
  • promote high professional standards by psychologists who either work for Social Services Departments or whose work takes them into Social Services settings
  • promote the interests of members of the Special Group in their activities in social services settings
  • work closely with Sections, other Special Groups and Divisions of the Society in pursuit of these aims and, where appropriate, to collaborate with other organizations and individuals with similar interests
Special Group for Psychology and Social Care


Special Group for Psychology and Social Care




Chair: Zenobia Nadirshaw

Secretary: Harry Davis

Treasurer: Peter Woods

Committee Members:

  • Kenneth Laidlaw
  • Ann Green
  • Alan Wright

Student Representative:

  • Millie Dalton
  • Elliw Lewis


Membership of the Special Group is open to all members of the BPS.

There are two grades of Special Group membership:

If you are not yet part of the society you can apply for membership of the group at the same time as you apply to become a BPS member.

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