Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Mentoring

Having undertaken a pilot across 2023, the Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP) has rolled out the full programme for a new intake of mentees and mentors in 2024.

An introduction to the DSEP Mentoring programme

This programme will run across a six-month period and pairs newly qualified sport and/or exercise psychologists with an experienced psychologist (5+ years of applied practice).

The pilot demonstrated the value, benefits and need for a mentoring programme to support newly qualified, and experienced, applied psychologists; all six mentoring relationships fulfilled the six-month term, with numerous positive experiences and reflections highlighted:

  • "Helped me understand how to sell myself as a sport psychologist."
  • "Introduced me to tools which can help make the running of a consultancy business much easier."
  • "We have both learned and grown through our interactions."
  • "Collaborative experience."

Across this six-month relationship, both mentees and mentors will provide support, insight and professional discussion (and challenges) to one another in order to support and develop each other within the discipline. 

We know applied practice can be an isolating profession for a psychologist, and therefore, by developing this programme, we aim to fulfil a few key needs, including:

  • Continuing professional support and development beyond Stage 2.
  • Insight into the applied practice of another psychologist at a different stage of their career.
  • A rewarding and fulfilling role in a newly developed DSEP project.
  • The opportunity to enhance existing networks within applied practice.
  • A relationship founded upon trust, development, and challenge.

If you would like to register your interest for the next onboarding window, please let Leigh and Ryan know by contacting [email protected].