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DFP Northern Ireland

Division of Forensic Psychology - Northern Ireland

About us

DFP Northern Ireland Committee

Chair: Sarah Ruston & Carolyn Mitchell

Chair Elect: 

Past Chair:

Honorary Treasurer: Jacqueline Bates Gaston

Honorary Secretary: Marita Dillon

Committee Members:

  • Carolyn Mitchell
  • Ciara Guiney 
  • Clare Byrne 
  • Judith Clarke
  • Kirsten McFarland
  • Rebecca Ewing
  • Robin Jordan
  • Siobhan Keating

Trainee Representative: Tina Hamilton

Forensic interest in trauma (FIT) meet-ups

In 2018 DFPNI launched a forum for colleagues working in different roles and settings to promote trauma informed practice when working with people who have offended and within organisations that provide services for them.

Meetups offer opportunities for:

  • Promoting trauma informed thinking
  • Rethinking approaches
  • Peer support
  • Sharing ideas and experiences


  • We believe that trauma informed working is essential within forensic settings, allowing us to:
  • Build links with trauma into formulations of risk and desistance
  • Build understanding of trauma into needs assessment, treatment planning, and service planning
  • Accurately identify needs within specific populations

FIT Meetup 7 April 2022