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DCP Faculty of Primary Care

We are delighted that we have had a really good response to the new BPS Faculty of Primary Care.

Given the clinical demands and serious workforce issues GPs are facing, this Faculty is more important than ever.

It will build on the work done by the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP), documenting good practice (clinical psychology in primary care how can we afford to be without it?) and evidencing how psychologists can positively impact GPs' workload, make savings and improve satisfaction for primary care staff and patients.

We are now widening the scope and this Faculty will bring together psychologists from different Divisions across the society, and we hope it will be an opportunity for clinical, counselling and health psychologists in particular to work more closely together.

Our approach will be to work collaboratively with faculty members, responding to their needs and interests.

The focus will be on:

  • Sharing good practice
  • Evidencing new models of care
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of primary care psychology nationally
  • Providing opportunities to learn from those with particular expertise in the field
  • Ensuring psychology can continue to be at the vanguard for primary care service delivery and leadership

The Faculty is currently in development by a cross-Divisional steering group planning engagement events with prospective Faculty members.

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DCP Faculty of Primary Care


DCP Faculty of Primary Care



Lead: Kalpita Kunde

Division of Clinical Psychology Representatives:

  • Amra Rao
  • Christine Curle
  • Julia Faulconbridge
  • Roman Raczka
  • Sarah Meekin

Division of Counselling Psychology Representative: Masrita Ishaq

Division of Health Psychology Representatives:

  • Hannah Dale
  • Kirstie McClatchey

The first point of contact for any queries regarding the work of the Faculty of Primary Care should be the Member Network Services Team.

The Member Network Services team provides support to all our Member Networks.

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