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Scottish Division of Educational Psychology

The Scottish Division of Educational Psychology represents the distinct context of Scotland with its own issues and practice, shaped by separate legislation and policy setting mechanism, and serves to communicate between practising psychologists in Scotland and The British Psychological Society.

    The primary purpose of the SDEP is to promote and disseminate knowledge appropriate to the fields of educational psychology and to be concerned with all matters affecting the standards of professional competence, training and conduct of its members.

    The SDEP also aims to represent the profession on various national working groups. 

    What else does the SDEP do?

    • Communicates regularly with members via the SDEP Announce list. 
    • Contributes to the continuing professional development of the Scottish Educational Psychologists through arranging and planning specific training opportunities and conferences at national level. 
    • Encourages the development of networks of Educational Psychologists to exchange skills, knowledge, perspectives on ethics, standards and codes of conduct etc.
    • Has a voice in issues relating to the future of the profession, including through representation on the Educational Institute of Scotland Joint Forum and the Scottish Government workforce planning group.
    • Has links with Education Scotland, the EIS, COSLA, ADES, ASPEP and the Scottish Government around matters of education and additional support needs
    • In conjunction with the SDEP training committee, has a role in quality assurance in the selection process for postgraduate students training as Educational Psychologists
    • Is influential, in conjunction with the SDEP Training Committee, in the selection process for postgraduate students training as Educational Psychologists.
    • Produces a regular journal for members, Educational Psychology in Scotland
    • The SDEP links to the Society and ensures that Scottish Educational Psychologists contribute to national working parties both within the BPS and with multi-agency working groups.
    • The SDEP Training Committee monitors and encourages postgraduate training, having a responsibility to accredit courses in Scotland.
    • The SDEP Training Committee has a responsibility to accredit Local Authority Educational Psychology Services to support Educational Psychologists (Probationers).

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