Meet the Candidates: Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi is one of five candidates standing for the role of President-Elect this year.

Society grade: Graduate Member

Current employment: University Lecturer, Author, Radio Broadcaster, Hypnotherapist, Coach

Current roles within the society: Past Co Chair-Elect Committee member of the British Psychological Society North West Manchester; BPS Branch Awards editorial team

Previous roles within the society: Committee Member – Communications Officer BPS the North West of England Branch; Co Chair-Elect Committee member of the British Psychological Society North West Manchester; BPS North of England Bulletin editor

Membership of society member networks: The North West of England Branch; Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology


Jimmy Petruzzi
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My experience, my passion for psychology and my desire means I would successfully represent the society as an ambassador, and champion the discipline of psychology and the wider psychological profession, by leading by example.
Jimmy Petruzzi
Jimmy Petruzzi - Nominee for BPS President-Elect

Jimmy's nominee statement

Question 1

The President of the BPS acts as champion and ambassador for the society, the discipline of psychology and for the wider psychological profession. How has your career and experience to date prepared you for this distinguished role?

I am an optimistic, passionate, approachable, energetic, and collaborative person, and highly adaptable in a constantly evolving environment. I have several years of lecturing and teaching experience, working on radio as a broadcaster interviewing a wide variety of guests. 

I have worked in football and sports in a spectrum of amateur to professional. Spoken at conferences globally. This has helped me to understand some of the challenges people face and how we can collaborate to work towards solutions.

I have always strived to represent every organisation I have worked for and work in the most professional manner with dignity and respect. I believe I would represent with members of the BPS. 

My vast amount of experience across a broad spectrum, my passion for psychology and my desire I believe I would successfully represent society as an ambassador, and champion the discipline of psychology and for the wider psychological profession, by leading by example, because it's what I do and have done for several years.

Question 2

The BPS’s vision is to promote inclusivity and diversity. How do you see this as impacting the society’s work?

The BPS, just like society, has a diverse group of members, and I believe it is important to go beyond legal obligations to ensure everyone is included, feels welcome and is heard. 

I truly believe the BPS has an opportunity to be a front runner in the vision to promote inclusivity and diversity, and unifying members under the core of British values. 

This will have a positive impact on the society, as we have many talented members with great minds if we bring everyone together in a unified manner and give everyone a platform to express their thoughts and feel safe to do so it will leave a legacy and have a positive impact.

Question 3

The BPS aims to create a vibrant member-centred community with a meaningful membership identity. What do you see as the President’s role in this?

I believe it's important for the President to be proactive, foster partnerships in Great Britain and abroad. Be able to connect with the members. 

The President has a fantastic opportunity to create a vibrant member-centred community by connecting and listening to our members. Actively speaking to members and listening to what they have to say. Organising focus groups and being comfortable with a variety of different opinions about the society, creating an identity which reflects the world as it is today and continuously evolving. 

Organising events with a variety of different speakers, providing mentoring opportunities, and asking the question who are we as an organisation and what is our purpose. And being proactive in making changes.

Question 4

The President-Elect is an integral member of our Board of Trustees, which is the overall governing body of the society. Please outline any leadership, organisational and/or governance experience that would help you carry out this role.

I am able to see the society and psychology as a profession from multiple lenses. I have acquired strong leadership skills and governance experience through working in a variety of different areas over many years I am pragmatic, positive and lead by example. 

From humble beginnings, born and brought up in a working class family in Sydney Australia, I have worked hard to educate myself academically at universities and the university of life. I have travelled extensively and made the UK my home for several years.

In that time I have worked and work in education, sport, radio, business, and have demonstrated strong leadership skills in helping learners to graduate, sports professionals be the best they can be, interview many leading professionals in their field on radio with the aim of giving balanced views, encourage free speech.

I also believe the BPS needs a stronger voice at the table among policy makers, and I am willing to speak up about the things that matter most for our members and would like to see an evolution in the field of psychology to reflect and meet the demands of the world we live in today.

Proposer statements

Andrea Stein

How long have you known the candidate?

Six years.

When have you worked with the candidate or come into contact with them?

I met Jim in November 2018, when he joined the North West of England Branch (NWB) committee. I have known him for six years.

As, a committee member, colleague, and good friend and have worked with him, co-hosting BPS NWB events (Psychology in the Pub and City). I am currently Secretary and have been since 2018. I am a graduate member of the BPS with a MSc Organisational Psychology (University of Manchester), final year PhD Researcher in Applied Psychology at the University of Salford and a part-time Associate Lecturer. I wrote an article for the North of England Bulletin, which he co-edited. He has interviewed me on the radio to promote university TEDx events. He is an incredible facilitator, and all interviews are highly enjoyable experiences.

Why do you think the candidate would make a great President-Elect and President?

I wholeheartedly recommend Jim Petruzzi as BPS President-Elect and I can think of no better candidate. Jim is the BPS North West of England Branch Chair.

 He is a brilliant organiser and Communications Officer creating and managing excellent Psychology in the Pub (now Community) and City events procuring exciting speakers and increased community engagement. In addition, he was Co-Editor of BPS North of England Bulletin. He constantly demonstrates an exceptional 'can do attitude' always eager to step in, help, lead and a superb multi-tasker. 

Jim is the most optimistic, passionate, approachable, energetic, and collaborative person that I know. He is a full-time lecturer, NLP trainer, author, high performance coach and radio broadcaster for Salford City Radio. As a toastmaster, he is an incredible speaker, and his talks/presentations and events are incredibly interesting, dynamic, and engaging. He is such a positive team member and great leader. He will go out of his way to assist friends and colleagues sharing wisdom and experience. He has the creativity and energy to evolve the BPS bringing, ideas, approachability, communication, transformational leadership, caring and warmth to create maximum change and better both psychology, the society, and people's lives! I believe that Jim is the perfect person to uplift the BPS and bring a return in engagement, collaboration, excitement being the one to ensure a fresh new surge in membership!

Mia Pal

How long have you known the candidate? 

Four years.

When have you worked with the candidate or come into contact with them?

I've had the privilege of Co-Chairing with Jimmy the NW Branch since 2020, and worked together on committee projects and multiple events across the society.

Why do you think the candidate would make a great President-Elect and President?

Jimmy is deeply aware of how important change is in the current social and psychological environment while at the same time he values members' voice as vital in helping the society reshaping its vision as a collective body representing the psychological profession. Having worked with Jimmy for four years, I have witnessed his passion and commitment to acknowledge and address the challenges which confront our society and his focus on always improving our visibility both internally and outside our member networks. 

I wholeheartedly believe Jimmy will make a great President-Elect as he cares passionately about the future of our society and he is committed to offering his time and energy in serving the society and its members.