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Enhance Your Membership

There are several ways to further enhance your membership with the BPS, including becoming a recognised Fellow, or Associate Fellow, or by joining one of our many networks and divisions.

Our divisions and member networks allow our members to communicate and collaborate with like-minded people in various scientific, professional, regional and special interest groups


Divisions help members to advance their professional interests, with a focus on training and practice and the development of professional knowledge and skills.

Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DARTP)

There are several routes to Full membership of the DARTP, which must be assessed and verified through application and include:

  • Completion of a non-accredited research PhD identifiable as being based in psychology post-GBC
  • A minimum of 5-years’ experience as a teacher of psychology post-GBC
  • Considerable, identifiable experience as a researcher in psychology post-GBC
  • Completion of a non-accredited research PhD identifiable as being based in psychology, followed by a minimum of 5-years’ experience working in a university psychology department (GBC not required)

Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DCP new applicants must have completed a society-accredited Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy).

Division of Counselling Psychology (DCoP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DCOP new applicants must have EITHER:

Division of Educational Psychology (DECP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DECP new applicants must have completed a society accredited Doctorate in Educational Psychology.

Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DFP new applicants must have EITHER:

Division of Health Psychology (DHP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DHP new applicants must have EITHER:

Division of Neuropsychology (DoN)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DON new applicants must have EITHER:

  • Gained HCPC Registration as a Clinical or Educational Psychologist & completed the society’s Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology - QiCN (this route allows Members to join the SRCN)
  • OR, qualified as a Chartered Psychologist and subsequently gained a minimum of 2-years’ experience working in the field of neuropsychology

Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DOP new applicants must have EITHER:

Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology (DSEP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the DSEP new applicants must have EITHER:

Scottish Division of Educational Psychology (SDEP)

To be eligible for Full Membership of the SDEP new applicants must have completed an accredited MSc in Educational Psychology at a Scottish university, followed by the society’s Qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland).

In-Training Divisional Membership

Any psychologists enrolled on one of the accredited-training routes noted above are eligible for In-training membership of that particular Division (excluding DON & DARTP). 

Any psychologist undertaking a research PhD in psychology can apply for in-training membership of the DARTP.

There is no in-training membership grade in the DON.

For members who have completed society accredited postgraduate professional training.

For those who hold, or wish to appy for, the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC), and are enrolled on society-accredited postgraduate professional training.

For members who are not eligible for full or in-training divisional membership.


Both the Division of Clinical Psychology and the Division of Neuropsychology also have specific faculties which are open to members of the main division.

For further information on the existing faculties please visit their webpages.

To apply for faculty membership please download and complete the application form below:

Sections and Special Groups

To apply to join one of our existing sections or special groups please download and complete the application form below:

Please note: the BPS membership has voted in favour of changing the status of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology to a Division within the society. Following this decision, we are now working on how existing Special Group members will transition to the relevant new Division Grades, and how new members can join.

You will be able to apply to the new Division Grades from November 2021.

If you join the Special Group in Coaching Psychology now, you will be transitioned to the relevant Grade in November.

Please note the current fees are under review and may be subject to change.

If you have any queries concerning membership or the new Division please email [email protected]

A Fellowship is recognition of significant contribution to the advancement or communication of psychological knowledge or practice either by research, teaching, publications or public service, or by organising and developing the work of others.

It is the highest title a member can apply for.

The society encourages applications from members who work within all settings including the NHS, prison services, social care, education, business, sport those who work in independent practice settings or within academic institutions.

The society believes the title should be attainable by members across all areas of the discipline and the revised guidance and application information, which sets out the criteria for the award, also provides examples of who may be eligible. 


To be awarded the status as a Fellow of the Society, you will:

  1. either be an Associate Fellow or can satisfy the Board of Trustees that you possess the requirements for Associate Fellowship; and
  2. satisfy the Board of Trustees that you have the following additional qualifications:

i) been engaged in work of a psychological nature (other than undergraduate training) for a total period of at least 10 years; and

ii) possess an advanced knowledge of psychology in at least one of its fields; and

iii) made an outstanding contribution to the advancement or dissemination of psychological knowledge or practice either by your own research, teaching, publications or public service, or by organising and developing the work of others.


As a Fellow you can:

  • use the title FBPsS - this is the highest designation the society can bestow, showing your significant contribution and understanding of the discipline
  • become a Full member of one of our divisions and other professional groups of the society
  • apply to become a Chartered Scientist (CSci)
  • and more…

Subscription fees and payment methods

The Fellowship application fee is £56.

Further information about our schedule of fees and payment methods can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


You can apply, be nominated or nominate another member to become a Fellow of the Society.

The criteria required is provided in our application or nomination for a Society Fellowship document below:

To apply, download the application form and send it, along with all the essential materials, to:

The British Psychological Society
St Andrews House
48 Princess Road East
Leicester LE1 7DR

If you have any further queries, please contact the Membership Team:

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 9911

Email: [email protected]

The title Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS) is awarded in recognition of several years' experience and contribution to the field of psychology.


You may apply for this title if you have satisfied one of the following conditions since first becoming eligible for graduate membership:

  1. Achieved eligibility for full membership of one of the society's divisions and been successfully engaged in the professional application of a specialised knowledge of psychology for an aggregate of at least two calendar years full-time (or its part-time equivalent); or
  2. Possess a research qualification in psychology and been engaged in the application, discovery, development or dissemination of psychological knowledge or practice for an aggregate of at least four years full time (or its part time equivalent); or
  3. Published psychological works or exercised specialised psychological knowledge of a standard not less than in 1 or 2 above.

Please note: you must normally be engaged in work of a psychological nature at the time of your application.


As an Associate Fellow you can:

  • use the AFBPsS title. This is a mark of experience, competence and reputation of psychological knowledge through the field
  • if you are already a Chartered Member of the society, apply to become a Chartered Scientist which entitles you to use the prestigious CSci designation.
  • and more.

Subscription fees and payment methods

Our schedule of fees and payment methods can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • For this grade, certificates are not required as the main eligibility criteria are based on time spent working in psychology.

Application form

To apply, please send a completed application form to:

The British Psychological Society
St Andrews House
48 Princess Road East
Leicester LE1 7DR

Any queries, contact the Membership Team:

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 9911

Email: [email protected]

The society is able to confer the following designations on behalf of the Science Council.

Registration with the Science Council recognises your knowledge and experience alongside any qualifications you may have.

This captures on-the-job experience and shows the level of competence you have as a practising scientist.

It also demonstrates your commitment to integrity, regard for public interest and responsibility for others.

  • Increase your confidence and skill
  • Demonstrate your ethical credentials
  • Improve your chances of promotion
  • Become a leader within your field
  • Join a worldwide community of cross-disciplinary scientists         

For further information about these awards contact [email protected]

For full details on the benefits of registration please visit the science council website.

CSci Chartered Scientist

CSci represents a single chartered mark for all scientists, recognising the highest levels of professionalism and competence in science independent of discipline.

RSci Registered Scientist

RSci not only provides recognition for those in scientific and higher technician roles as professionals in their own field, but can also be a springboard to recognition as a Chartered Scientist.

This award provides a means of demonstrating a level of experience and professionalism without having reached Chartered level, and would be of particular benefit to Graduate Members working in psychology-based careers.

RSciTech Registered Science Technician

RSciTech recognises science technicians as professionals, delivering the skilled technical support our increasingly complex infrastructure requires.

Applicants for this award need only be at least an Affiliate subscriber to the society, and currently working as a technician in a psychology-based role.

For more information on the award please visit the Science Council’s RSciTech webpages

What is EuroPsy?

EuroPsy is the abbreviation for the EFPA trademarked title of Registered European psychologist, and represents a European benchmark standard of psychology knowledge and skills.

It does not confer a licence to practise but can help to facilitate the mobility of qualified professionals across Europe.

What does EuroPsy Offer Me?

In gaining the award you will receive certification from EFPA as well as being entered on to the EuroPsy Register.

More general information and details around the award can be found on the EFPA website.

What are the criteria to apply in the UK?

To apply for the EuroPsy award through the society, you must meet at least one of the criteria noted below:

  • You must be eligible for Chartered Membership of the society on the basis of a full course of BPS accredited postgraduate training, which in turn will make you eligible for practitioner registration with the HCPC.


  • You must be registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the HCPC and hold at least a Masters-equivalent degree in psychology. Typically those applying on this route will have gained HCPC registration through either grand-parenting or through internationally gained qualifications and experience.

EuroPsy is a practitioner award and therefore we cannot offer this to those individuals who are not eligible for HCPC registration.

How much will it cost?

BPS Members BPS Members can get EuroPsy registration free of charge, provided that they meet one of the criteria noted above.
Non-Members Applications from non-members will be subject to a fee of £415.

All applications from non-members will also be subject to individual assessment and consideration by the BPS National Awarding Committee (NAC) for EuroPsy.

Transcripts of all of your degree qualifications, details of employment history and any professional registrations that you hold would also need to be provided alongside your completed application form.

In applying on this route NAC may also require additional evidence determined at their discretion in order to confirm that you meet the EuroPsy and EFPA regulations in full.

How to apply

To apply you must complete the EuroPsy application form.

This requires you to outline qualifications, experience and supervision relevant to your application.

Once completed please send your application to:[email protected]

You are able to amend your address and contact details by following the instructions below:

  1. Sign into the Members Area
  2. Click on Address and Contact
  3. Click 'Edit' for the details you’d like to update

In order to change your name/title, we will need to see a copy of your change of name document/certificate.

Once we have received your document we will update your information and a new membership card will be printed for you reflecting the change. 

Please email, stating your membership number, to [email protected]

We can only provide confirmation that you have the GBC if you’re a current Graduate member.

If you’re not a member, to obtain confirmation of GBC from the society you’ll need to apply for Graduate Membership so we can assess your qualification(s) and determine eligibility.  

The GBC is a society standard in psychology. It demonstrates attainment of knowledge of core psychology subjects at a standard not less than a UK Bachelor Honours Lower Second Class Honours level.

The GBC provides a basis for progression to society-accredited postgraduate professional training in psychology for training to become a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol).

Our current rates of subscription and membership fees are as follows:

Core Subscription Fees

Chartered Members / Fellows / Associate Fellows £134
Graduate Members £134
Two reductions are available to Graduate members:  
  • If you graduated within the last three years from the qualification giving eligibility for Graduate membership
  • If you are a current postgraduate student in the UK not earning a taxable income
Student Members £26
Student Members can save money by signing up to one of our bundle offers and paying in advance for multiple years.
  • 3 year bundle - £66
  • 4 year bundle - £88
Affiliates £100
e-subscribers £12

Application Processing Fees (Payable On First Application)

Chartered Members (non-members) £62
Chartered Members (Graduate Members upgrading) £41
Fellows £56
Associate Fellows £41
Graduate Members £21

Subscription reductions are available for retired Members, postgraduate students and members with special circumstances i.e. unemployed, maternity/carers leave etc.

Please consult the appropriate form below for more information:


You can pay via our secure payment facility www.bps.org.uk/payonline


You can pay quickly and easily, by credit or debit card, via our automated payment line +44 (0)1302 897 012.

Please follow the instructions carefully, you’ll need your six-digit membership number.

Direct Debit (UK bank accounts only):

Members who pay by annual direct debit will have their main subscriptions taken at the end of January.

Payments for those paying by quarterly instalments will be taken at the end of January, April, July and October.

Notices of impending direct debits are sent out a minimum of two weeks before the payment is taken.

To set up a direct debit please complete and sign the Direct Debit Mandate, indicating whether you would prefer to pay annually or quarterly.

Alternatively we can set up direct debit payments over the phone, please call +44 (0)1952 214 066.

Bank transfer:

If you wish to make payments by direct money transfer our bank account details are:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Account Number: 11226510

Sort Code: 16-23-21

Branch: Leicester Market Street

Swift Code: RBOS GB 2L

IBAN Number: GB09 RBOS 16232111226510

Please inform our Subscriptions Department, with the date, amount and reference of the transaction to help us identify the payment.

All subscriptions must be paid by the 31 January.

Current Student members can complete the Graduate membership application process online – you will not be charged the £21 application fee.

Graduate members looking to upgrade should complete the relevant Chartered membership application form.

Members can find information, and download an application form, from our Member Networks page.

If you’re applying for Graduate membership and would like to join one, or more, of the Member Networks you can add these as part of the application process, each network carries an additional fee.

If you’re applying for Chartered membership the application form enables you to join Member Networks at the relevant grade.

The Inland Revenue has agreed to allow tax relief on all membership subscription fees, including division, section, special group and journal payments.

Below is an extract from the Inland Revenue to the Marketing and Promotions Officer dated 4 March 2004:

'Approval under Section 18 Finance Act 1958 (now Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003) was granted to the society in 1959. This means that members may claim tax relief for their annual membership subscriptions (core subscription). It has been decided that this approval should be extended to include any additional annual subscription for membership of a division, section or special group. The extension also includes any additional subscription paid by members for any of the society's publications.'

To claim, you should either list these payments in your annual tax return or write to your tax office with details of the total amounts paid, what they were and your membership number. Your tax code will be adjusted accordingly.

For more information on how to claim, contact our Subscriptions Department:

Tel: +44(0)195 221 4066

Email: [email protected]

Membership will renew automatically at the end of each calendar year unless you cancel in writing.

You can do this by contacting [email protected] or write to us at the BPS Office.

The deadline for receiving your notice of cancellation is 31 January.

Where subscriptions remain unpaid after 01 March, we suspend access to all Member Benefits and services until payment is received.

01 March.

We operate a no refund policy.

From 01 April there will be no refunds to direct debit payers, members will instead be advised to maintain their subscription for the remainder of the year and to cancel at the end of December.

All application processing fees are non-refundable.

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