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A Psychological Perspective on Hoarding

Good practice guidelines: second edition.

02 May 2024

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is now being recognised as a distinct mental health difficulty of its own, with specific issues affecting access to services and psychological intervention.

Hoarding can have a huge impact on a person's ability to function independently and can carry a high level of risk for themselves and others.

It can cause high levels of distress for those sharing a home with or living close to the person who hoards, and can cause difficulties for communities working with people who hoard.

Read our short information leaflet on hoarding.

About this document

This document provides information, guidance and recommendations for people working with those with hoarding difficulties.

It is intended to be read by practitioner psychologists, and other psychological professionals, and used as a resource by those working both within NHS, social care and/or independently.

It provides information on what hoarding is, and the evidence for psychological intervention.

It provides advice about management and care for those working with people with hoarding difficulties and for those planning and leading services.

The new edition of this document is due to be published 1 June 2024.

You can download the report from Explore or purchase a printed copy online.