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Guide to Virtual Assessment Centres

The success of any VAC will depend on the suitability, reliability and effectiveness of the technology platform(s) used for delivery.

21 May 2024

In 2015, the British Psychological Society released its Standard for the Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres (British Psychological Society, 2015).

The Standard has been subsequently used extensively as a means of supporting practitioners in both the preparation and implementation of work-related assessment centres.

While the original standard made some reference to virtual delivery, its primary focus was on the face-to-face delivery of assessment centres.

This VAC Guide is a supplement to the Assessment Centre Standard and should be read and understood together with the Standard.

This guide is intended to supplement the limited body of published evidence around the use of virtual assessment centres (e.g. Howland et al, 2015; Guidry, 2016; Lara-Prieto & Niño-Juárez, 2021).

This body of evidence was used to inform this guide, and there was an open consultation on the draft guide before it was finalised.

Practitioners should follow the developments in the scientific literature as it develops to ensure that they keep up to date in their practices.

The guide discusses considerations in five key areas:

  • Technical
  • Validity
  • Design
  • Assessors and other VAC staff
  • Participants

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