How much is society membership?

Find out more information about our membership fees.

Our 2024 subscription and membership fees for new joiners are as follows.

Current members due to renew from January should have already received notification of their subscription fees for 2024.

Core subscription fees

Chartered members / Fellows / Associate Fellows: £163.44

Graduate members: £163.44

Two reductions are available to Graduate members:

  1. If you graduated within the last five years from the qualification giving eligibility for Graduate membership: £81.72
  2. If you are a current postgraduate student or enrolled on a society qualification: £42.48

Student members: £31.68

Affiliates: £122.04

e-subscribers: £14.52

Non-refundable application processing fees (payable On First Application)

All non-refundable application fee payments are subject to a 6 month time limit, in which all requirements for your application should be submitted. If you have not provided all of the requirements for your application, or have not continued with your application after such time, you will be required to pay the non-refundable application fee again.

Chartered Members (non-members): £91

Chartered Members (Graduate Members upgrading): £45

Fellows: £61

Associate Fellows: £45

Graduate Members: £46

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