How do I join the BPS's online communities?

Information on how to join our online communities.

Accessing online communities

Our communities are based on Guild, a platform that allows you to network, converse and collaborate with your fellow members from across the society.  

Joining is easy. All you need to do is:

(When you register, remember to use the 'preferred email address' linked to your BPS membership)

You can use Guild on your computer or via the free app on your phone (which we'd recommend downloading). There is more information for you on the Guild website.

Will there be more communities? 

Yes, we are currently working with member networks and boards across the BPS to understand what our members would like to see in terms of new community groups. There will be more communities coming soon.

I entered a Guild group but I was immediately thrown out - what's happening?

It may be that you're not eligible for the particular group that you're trying to access. Each group will have specific criteria to allow you to join - for instance you may need to be a member of a particular member network or faculty. Member Connect, for example is open to all members, except e-subscribers and affiliate members.  

If you believe this is incorrect and you should have access to a particular group, please check to make sure the email address you have used to sign up to Guild matches the email address you use for your BPS membership. If it does, please check your portal account to make sure your membership is up to date and that you have the relevant membership type. If you still can't access the group, email us at [email protected].