Expert Witness Advisory Group Members

The Practice Board is seeking to appoint several members to join the above group.

The group meets four times a year and reports directly to the Practice Board.

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to advise on professional standards and good practice for psychologists working as expert witnesses; to promote and advise on training opportunities in expert witness work and their availability, as part of BPS CPD initiatives; to produce guidance on topics of direct relevance to expert witness work, and to make recommendations for a register.

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The membership will consist of practising psychologists involved in or contributing to complex expert witness work.

Applicants should have experience and expertise of the legal context in the court system and other judicial processes. The membership of the group will reflect a breadth of expertise in this area.

Clinical and Forensic psychology is already well represented on EWAG - applications from expert witnesses with domain specific expertise in Counselling, Occupational and Health Psychology and academia are welcomed.

Applications from members working in the Devolved Nations are also welcomed.

Please note, the society welcomes and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds particularly applications from people with a disability, BAME and LGBT+ who are currently under-represented across the Society.

How to apply

To apply please complete and submit a Statement of Interest Form:

Complete a Statement of Interest Form online

For more information, please contact [email protected].