When good solutions go bad: Preventing burnout – what works and what doesn’t

12 March 20249:30am - 11:30am
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mental health
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This webinar looks at the proposed solutions, how they go wrong, and how we as practitioners can keep pushing the need for intervention over incentive. 

This webinar addresses the frustrations that many practitioners feel when the problems of a system are pushed onto the individual.  While of course a “pincer movement” can be very effective, and certainly when the individual feels mentally and emotionally “fit” enough they are an excellent advocate for change, it is important that we remain aware that where the culture is to “push everything onto the psychologist and then say ‘it’s ok, we’re dealing with it’ ” we may well be fighting a losing battle. 

This webinar explores the solutions that are offered in greater depth and continually asks the question – what more can we all do? 

Target Audience 

This webinar is aimed at people working within organisations, however elements may be helpful to anyone experiencing burnout within their own organisation, or seeing the symptoms in themselves or others. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this two-hour webinar, participants will:  

  • Explore the issues and solutions – and how incentive may be being mistaken for intervention 

  • Deep dive into some of the current solutions eg: Communities of coping (friendships at work/having a “work spouse”), and the “vulnerable leader” – how leaders are encouraged to speak more about their failings (but also need to ROLE MODEL healthy practice…the latter is less often practiced) 

  • Exploration of the ways to find the best interventions for your organisation (treating organisations as individuals as much as we do individuals as such!) – while addressing the potential mis-match between the vision of workplace wellbeing from the top, and the practice/experience on the floor

Presenter: Dr Audrey Tang

Dr Audrey Tang is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society), and award-winning business author with a focus on practical tools for wellbeing. She hosts podcast 'Retrain Your Brain for Success', and The Wellbeing Lounge on NLiveRadio (2nd place/Silver "Female Presenter of the Year 2022 in the Community Radio Awards), presented shows on DisruptiveTV, and provided psychology contribution to Channel 4's "Don't Diet Lose Weight", and The Chrissy B Show (Sky). She offers expert comment as a psychologist spokesperson both academically and through TV, Radio and published media in the fields of mindfulness, resilience, leadership and wellbeing.   

Audrey is a qualified teacher (QTS), CPD accredited trainer, Leadership Development coach (ICF), and FIRO-B (relationship) profiler.  As well as her workshops (webinar/in person) and coaching practice, she is a long time advocate for boosting mental and emotional fitness within the community through her work with CLICK Arts Foundation (Formerly CLICK Productions which she founded in 1993) offering opportunities to build confidence, boost self value and learn new skills through shows and performing arts driven events. 

This webinar will be delivered on Zoom via BPS learn. The link will be available on BPS learn 1hr before, the link will also be emailed to everyone who  has registered. 


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