Sexual Well-Being and Its Diminishment in Committed Relationships: Potential Reasons and Solutions

12 February 20246:00pm - 8:00pmEast Midlands
  • Relationships and romance
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About this event

This workshop is designed for practicing psychologists, researchers, and students focusing in the area of interpersonal relationships.

It aims to give insights into understanding such issues as sexlessness and the decreased quality of sexual wellbeing in long-term couples.

As part of the workshop, delegates will be provided with theoretical information based on research and the therapeutic practice of the facilitator (Madina Demirbas; certified couple and sex therapist) with her clients, as well as questions for self-reflection.

As a result of attending this event, delegates will learn the basic causes of sexual attraction crises among the partners and new ideas to overcome it.

Schedule / Programme:

  • 18:00: Welcome and light refreshments
  • 18:15: Guided meditation for body awareness
  • 18:30: Workshop
  • 19:30: Discussion
  • 19:45: Networking
  • 20:00: Departure


  • BPS Leicester office
    St Andrews House
    48 Princess Road East
    LE1 7DR

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Speaker information:

Madina Demirbas is a certified sex and relationship therapist. She received her training and education from Oxford University, Gestalt Centre in London, University of Navarra, and others. She works with individuals, couples, and groups on various issues, including emotional and psychosexual wellbeing.

IIn her practice, she has focused less on the technical aspect of sexual interactions, but rather in the erotic and the emotional flow between partners in a relationship.

Madina looks at the issues holistically, including the background of race, gender, culture, childhood experiences, and broader social relationships patterns.

She is further exploring the topic of thriving relationships through writing various books in different languages, tutoring students in her online courses, and speaking at the TEDx conference.

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