PEARL 3: Developing your practice: shaping your career path in occupational psychology MSc and beyond

20 April 20232:00pm - 5:00pm
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Within the Occupational Psychology community there is a great deal of interesting and important work being carried out by MSc students, doctoral students, those on the Stage 2 qualification, and other practitioners.

With an emphasis on early career stages, this webinar presents an opportunity for psychologists to present their work to their peers in a safe and supportive environment. The theme of this third PEARL event is a focus on how we develop our practice, whether as a practitioner, a researcher, or both.

The purpose of the webinar is developmental and aims to help participants to acquire the skills and experience to submit their work to conferences, such as the DOP conference, and to peer reviewed journals including the DOP's new periodical, Occupational Psychology Outlook.

The webinar will include a keynote by Prof. Rob Briner, an expert in Evidence Based Practice (EBP). There will be presentations of postgraduate and/or Stage 2 work, followed by a panel discussion.

Additional keynote speaker: Linda O'Donnell

Learning Outcomes

1. To develop the confidence to present at conferences such as the DOP conference

2. To learn how to prepare your work for publication

3. To understand the range of work carried out in Occupational Psychology


This is a Free of Charge event for All.


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Please send all Submissions to [email protected] by Friday 17th March.


How should I prepare my submission?

PEARL Criteria  


Submissions should demonstrate that the proposed presentation will be of interest to delegates.  This could be reflected in a number of ways, including (but not limited to): focus on a novel (or relatively novel) topic, such as an emerging trend; in a different way of thinking about a subject; practical reflections on a project, or working with a particular client group, etc.  The emphasis should be on presentations that other delegates can learn from.  Please bear in mind that delegates will comprise postgraduate students (including research students) and trainee occupational psychologists.  Therefore we particularly welcome submissions that have something to offer for both practitioners and researchers.


Submissions must demonstrate a suitable approach has been taken.  In research submissions this relates to appropriate research designs, good quality data collection techniques (whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed), and appropriate management of potential limitations.  In practice-based projects, focus should be on why particular decisions were taken, practical considerations that were managed (e.g. constraints on practice), how quality was ensured, etc.


In addition to demonstrating quality in the approaches taken, it will be essential for submissions to demonstrate consideration of ethical issues.  In some cases it may be appropriate for submissions to refer to legal considerations.  Any submission stating that there were no ethical issues or failing to address ethical issues will be automatically rejected.  Every project has potential risks, even if these appear minimal or unlikely.

Submissions relating to future projects are welcome (e.g. MSc or research students yet to collect data).  In these cases, rigour and ethics will relate to what is planned.

Submissions based on literature reviews or empirical research using secondary data are also welcome.  In these cases, rigour will relate to the method of the review (e.g. how journal articles were selected) or secondary data collection.  Ethics will also need to be addressed, e.g. any ethical issues associated with the data sources selected, accurate reporting, etc.


Prof. Rob Briner
Linda O'Donnell

Linda O'Donnell is a Business Psychologist and Director at Zenith Consulting. She passionately believes in the valuable role psychology plays in developing individuals, leaders and teams to be the best they can be. She has worked across a variety of sectors developing relationships with clients to fully understand their needs before using an evidence-based approach to deliver bespoke interventions addressing their requirements.
Linda is a strong advocate of the value of positive psychology in the workplace which focuses on what is right with individuals, teams and organisations, rather than concentrating on fixing what is wrong. In developing resilience and optimism, organisations can have a more engaged, productive and happy workforce who work collaboratively to overcome challenges.
Linda is also a lecturer at the University of Aberdeen where she lectures in Organisational and Positive Psychology.


Ali Brown

Ali Brown is a Lecturer in Business Psychology at Arden University. She is particularly interested in the applications of Positive Psychology and coaching to the workplace, with a focus on improving mental health and wellbeing. Ali is in her final stages of the Stage 2 qualification in Occupational Psychology, currently completing her research project which involves implementing a job-crafting programme to improve the issue of role ambiguity for Higher Education staff.

Eliza Wong

Eliza Wong is an Organisational Psychologist and a thought leader in the field of the bamboo ceiling. She has dedicated her masters thesis to researching and raising awareness about the unique challenges that Asian professionals face in Western workplaces.

Eliza's research represents the first study of the experiences of career progression amongst East and South-East Asian (ESEA), and South Asian people in the UK. This research has helped to shed light on the underlying factors that contribute to the bamboo ceiling, including cultural differences, language, stereotypes, biases, and organisational barriers. Through her work, she has identified best practices and actionable strategies for overcoming these obstacles and achieving success.

In addition to her research and speaking engagements, Eliza is a respected career consultant to individuals seeking to elevate their confidence, communication and leadership skills in the workplace. Prior to dedicated to make a difference in the lives of Asian professionals, Eliza worked in finance for 8 years, including a top-tier private equity firm, a global bank and a FTSE100 company. During this time, she witnessed first-hand the challenges that Asian professionals face in advancing their careers, despite their qualifications and expertise. Her experiences led her to become a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, and to dedicate her career to helping others overcome these barriers.

Eliza holds a MSc in Organisational Psychology from City, University of London and a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from the University of Nottingham.


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2:00 PM Introduction from Chair of DOP: Janet Fraser
2:05 PM Introduction and outline of the session
2:10 PM Keynote speaker: Linda O'Donnell
2:40 PM Presentation 1
2:55 PM Networking
3.15 PM Keynote Speaker: Prof Rob Briner
3:45 PM Presentation 2
4:00 PM

Comfort breaK

4:10 PM 


Developing your practice


Panel members

Linda O'Donnell

Professor Rob Briner

Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt
4:45 PM Summary
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