LGBT History Month Roundtable

28 February 20242:00pm - 3:00pm
  • LGBTQ+
Free (members only)
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This session will provide a comprehensive exploration of historical and contemporary issues, bringing together expert psychologists.

Discussions will delve into the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, encompassing the repercussions of societal stigma and discrimination.

The roundtable aspires to equip psychologists with actionable insights and recommendations to implement systemic changes, fostering a more supportive, inclusive, and understanding mental health landscape for LGBTQ+ individuals.


  • Adam Jowett

  • Katherine Hubbard

  • Dr. Heather Armstrong is a Lecturer in Sexual Health in Psychology at the University of Southampton. Her work focuses primarily on the sexual well-being of people with diverse sexualities including diverse sexual orientations, behaviours, and relationship types

  • Rob Agnew has been a clinical psychologist since 2008 and has worked in the NHS and private sector as a consultant in neurobehavioural and brain injury services, ADHD and autism services and in general psychiatry. He recently contributed a chapter “Queering Neuropsychology” to a text book on systemic practices in neurorehabilitation and is currently the Chair of the Section of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity (previously ‘Psychology of Sexualities’).

  • Penny Catterick is an MSc Psychology student and BPS Human rights advisory group member. Previously, Mechanical engineer and Global business leader.  

How to take part

This event will be held online via Zoom.

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