An introduction to Behavioural Addictions: gambling and gaming

13 June 20242:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Addiction
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Angry man losing at gambling
DCP Faculty of Addictions


Addictive behaviours can occur in various forms, which do not always involve substances. As our understanding of behavioural addiction is evolving, this course provides an essential overview of non-substance-related behaviours. The focus is primarily on harmful gambling and gaming, the only currently officially recognised forms of behavioural addiction internationally, for which evidence-based treatment is provided in NHS specialist clinics.

Harmful gambling has devastating effects on individuals and their families, including higher suicidal rates, family breakdown, and mental health, socio-economic, and legal problems. Harmful gaming impairs functioning across all areas of the person's life, often leading to school non-attendance and breakdown of family relationships, causing significant distress to parents looking after young people affected by it.

The National Centre for Behavioural Addictions consists of the National Problem Gambling Clinic, providing an evidence-based treatment programme, and the National Centre for Gaming Disorders, delivering innovative therapy interventions. Delivered by leading clinical psychologists, this course adopts a psychological perspective on behavioural addiction, drawing on cognitive, behavioural, systemic and relational theories about what makes individuals vulnerable to gambling and gaming. It also covers screening and assessment as well as an overview of evidence-based and innovative interventions to break away from harmful gambling and gaming.

This webinar will be recorded and available to view soon after the event.

Learning outcomes

After the course, attendees are expected to be able to:

• Recognise behaviours falling into the remit of behavioural addiction

• Become familiar with the most common types of gambling/gaming

• Assess the extent to which gambling or gaming has become problematic

• Formulate around factors underpinning behavioural addictions

• Identify national clinical pathways and national/international guidance

• Offer practical tools (e.g. stimulus control, family support) to help with early change

• Understand what a typical course of treatment for harmful gambling and gaming includes

Who is this event for?

This course is suitable for psychologist practitioners working in primary care/mental health/substance use/forensic/CAMHS settings and private practice, who would like to enrich their knowledge in the area of behavioural addiction and develop relevant skills. It will also be beneficial for a range of professionals working in similar settings, including psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, drug workers, CAMHS/ youth workers, cognitive behavioural therapists and psychotherapists. It is highly recommended that attendees have generic therapeutic competencies and basic CBT competencies before attending this course.

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Dr Venetia Leonidaki, HCPC, BABCP, BPC

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, National Problem Gambling Clinic

Dr Venetia Leonidaki is the Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the National Problem Gambling Clinic. She is also a BABCP and BPC accredited supervisor. She is a co-editor of the book "Breaking free: How to stop gambling". She acts as a visiting lecturer in gambling addiction in several clinical psychology doctorates across the country.

Dr Rebecca Lockwood

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, National Centre for Gaming Disorders

Dr Rebecca Lockwood is the Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the National Centre for Gaming Disorders. She specialises in providing CBT and third-wave CBT. She is also trained in EMDR.  She has provided training in addiction to NHS teams and prison settings. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences.

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