How to find and follow your purpose

05 October 20239:30am - 4:30pmLondon
  • Health and wellbeing
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Many employees struggle to understand how to uncover an authentic purpose for themselves (and, if they are managers and leaders, others).

Ongoing research by Harvard Business School has revealed that fewer than 20% of managers have a strong sense of their own personal purpose.

This workshop gives tools, frameworks and conversations to support people to make their work more meaningful, energising and engaging.

The current 'Great Resignation' points to the widespread lack of engagement at work.

In 2018 Gallup reported that the percentage of 'engaged' employees – those who are involved in, enthusiastic and committed to their work and workplace – is 34%. Around 17% are 'actively disengaged' costing the economy millions per year through loss of productivity.

Discover how to uncover your purpose and do what is yours to do.

Target audience

The workshop is suitable for professional psychologists from all fields as well as trainee psychologists and students.

Non-psychologists working in the areas of organisational development, HR, coaching and career guidance will also find the webinar of benefit as it will cover both research insights and practical how-to's.

Participants at an early career, mid-career or seasoned professional stage are all welcome as it's never too late (or too early) to start to explore what we feel called to do.

There are no-pre-requisites in terms of knowledge or experience to attend this webinar. We ask people to bring their curiosity, open mindedness and willingness to have a conversation with other participants about purpose.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand about why purpose matters. The purpose-driven business movement is here to stay as the pressure for change mounts. Employees want meaningful work and societal expectations increasingly demand that organizations are centre stage in protecting our shared asset and creating a prosperous future.
  • Understand why purpose is key to our psychological wellbeing, career success and performance. Ignoring our calling hurts us. Acknowledging and attending to feelings of dissonance or disconnect is key to making positive change happen in our own lives.
  • Be aware of the four distinct types of personal purpose. This differentiation can stop us from falling into the trap of working to meet limited goals that don't bring real fulfilment.
  • Be able to a personal purpose statement. This will arise out of an exploration of four key areas of work and finding the overlap as well as reflecting on your purpose journey to date.
  • Complete a practical goal setting activity linked to your current situation and desired future. 

Presenter: Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler a chartered psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is a leadership consultant, dialogue coach and published author with nearly 20 years international experience consulting to organizations around the world.

 Since 2009, Sarah has led workshops on purpose and dialogue including for the British Psychological Society and at Saïd Business School on the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme.

Sarah is the CEO of Bridgework, a consulting company she founded in 2007 to inspire leaders, empower teams and strengthen organisations to become a force for good in the world. Sarah is the author of Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People To Do Great Work and How to Have Meaningful Conversations: Seven Strategies for Talking About What Matters Most.  Sarah's work has been widely featured in the media including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and BBC Business online.

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