Hot Topics, Challenges & Opportunities in Cancer & Palliative Care Psychology

24 April 202410:00am - 3:00pm
  • Oncology
  • Palliative care
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Online conference
Online workshop
Division of Clinical Psychology
DCP Faculty for Oncology and Palliative Care

Drop in to a day of bite-size 20 minute update sessions on a range of topics across cancer and palliative care psychology.


We will be presenting and hosting brief overviews/updates on a wide range of topics based around the following:

10.00 - Intro/Overview of Day (Sahil Suleman & Mike Rennoldson)

  • Setting the scene 
  • What have SIGOPAC been up to/achieved in the last few years?

10.30 - Therapeutic Modalities in Psycho-oncology (Anna Lagerdahl)

  • What therapy interventions are we offering in the therapy room and beyond? 

10.50 - Training & Supervision of the wider Cancer Workforce (Hilly Webb-Peploe)

  • A general update of developments in where psychology fits 

11.10 - Break

11.30 - Ward-based Working in Cancer & Palliative Care Psychology (Jonnie Raynes)

  • What do we do on inpatient wards, with patients and teams? 

11.50 - Leadership in Cancer & Palliative Care Psychology across the Career-Span (Sahil Suleman)

  • How all areas of the cancer and palliative care psychology workforce can lead, influence and contribute to the field 

12.10 - Reflecting on SIGOPAC / Faculty of Oncology & Palliative Care (Helen Moffat & Jo Levene)

  • Making SIGOPAC work for you 
  • Shaping the future of SIGOPAC

12.40 - Lunch break

13.10 - Psychology in Palliative Care and the use of Virtual Reality Interventions for Patient Wellbeing (Sanchia Biswas & Alice Gains)

  • A general update of developments in where psychology fits 
  • Recent work using VR technology in palliative care settings 

13.30 - Specialisms in Psycho-oncology (Sarah Harrison, Marilyn Owens, Gill Cooke Kathleen McHugh) 

  • An overview of some more specialist areas of development within psycho-oncology and cancer pathways including: 
    • Teenage & Young Adult Cancer Psychology 
    • Risk-Reducing Mastectomy Pathways 
    • Neuro-oncology Pathway 
    • Stem Cell Transplant Pathway 

13.50 - Break

14.10 - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion work across Psycho-oncology (Justin Grayer)

  • Developments and challenges in ensuring equitably access, experience and outcomes in psycho-oncology 

14.30 - Cancer Care Evolution and Implications for Cancer & Palliative Care Psychology (Andrew Merwood)

  • Changing Cancer treatments and psychological implications 
  • Shifts in Holistic Cancer Care and where we fit 

14.50 - Closing & Next Steps (Sahil Suleman & Anna Lagerdahl)

  • Future events 
  • Getting involved with SIGOPAC

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