The ethics of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in psychology

21 May 202410:00am - 12:00pm
  • Digital and technology
  • Ethics and morality
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Online workshop

Following on from the Technology and AI in Psychological and Behavioural Intervention webinar in October 2023, this session will explore key ethical questions related to how technology and Artificial Intelligence impact people, processes, and psychological research.

It will also address some of the larger ethical questions about regulation, misinformation, privilege structures and the environmental impact of these innovations.

The session will cover examples from both psychological research and practice. 

The webinar will be underpinned by BPS ethical codes and guidance, and applying the four ethical principles of respect, competence, responsibility and integrity.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand and be able to explain common applications of technology and AI in psychological practice.
  • Aassess the ethical considerations related to psychological research and practice when using technological innovations and AI.
  • Appraise technological innovations and AI using the BPS ethical codes and guidance, especially the ethical principles of respect, competence, responsibility and integrity.
  • Recognise ethical considerations related to people, processes and research when using technological innovations and AI.
  • Recognise larger political or societal issues related to technological innovations and AI in the context of psychological practice and research.

Intended audience

Psychologists who deliver behavioural interventions, or are involved in designing and testing behavioural interventions. Innovation in technology impacts behavioural interventions across the scope of psychology, though this learning has a stronger focus on health and wellbeing contexts.  This CPD is useful for individuals who want to understand more about technology-augmented and technology-delivered behavioural interventions in health and well being contexts. 

It is suitable for those at any stage of career who would like to learn more about the intersect of behavioural interventions and technology, including AI.

Presenter: Dr. Rachael Skews

Dr Rachael Skews is a chartered psychologist, and an advisor to health tech organisations looking for technology-augmented behavioural interventions. She was the scientific lead for innovation at Headspace Health. She designs technology-augmented and technology-delivered behaviour change content using evidence-based models of change. She is an international expert in Acceptance and Commitment Coaching.  

Rachael's research focuses on performance, development and health-related coaching. She has investigated the effectiveness of coaching interventions informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This included testing the processes (or mechanisms of change) through which coaching works.   Rachael was the Programme Director for the MSc in Occupational Psychology and PGCert in Coaching programmes at the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London. She was also the convenor for postgraduate research at the IMS. 

Rachael is an Associate Fellow of the BPS, and a member of the BPS Divisions of Occupational Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She is a Director of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence Based Management, and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 


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