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21 November 20231:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Digital and technology
  • Practice Ethics
  • Work and occupational
Free (DOP members only)
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Division of Occupational Psychology
DOP - Northern Ireland

The DOP NI Committee will facilitate an informal virtual networking event to bring together the OP community on the second Tuesday of each month.

Each session will have a key theme and guest speakers (local DOP members) will be invited to share case studies/work experience.

Attendees will get the opportunity to share learning with local members.

The event series will create a regular meeting pattern to build momentum and provide the opportunity for local DOPNI build the local network.

Each session will be based around the emerging key topics at that time.

Navigating AI as an Occupational Psychologist: Unethical or an Evolution?

Presenter: Patrick Lockhart, AMS Assessment Advisory

Given the nascent nature of AI-based assessments, scientific papers are minimal and far behind documenting the actual work taking place in the field (and labs) of the vendors creating these solutions.

Assessment solutions range from scraping social media for personality profiling, skills matching and job matching solutions, to using machine learning to create complex scoring algorithms of game play behaviour, to more traditional psychometric design principles combined with advanced data identification tools like natural language processing. 

No matter the sophistication of the psychometric design principles deployed (or not), the amount of peer reviewed research available to digest is sparse.

In this session we hope to discuss some of these AI use cases – and the potential role of occupational psychologists in this field.

In the end, we would like attendees to participate in discussion and have a more informed basis on why they should look into AI-based assessments or not, and where the best AI-assessment use cases might exist for their specific organisational talent assessment needs.

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