DCP Annual Conference 2024: Reigniting Joy at Work

04 June 20249:00am - 5:00pm
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Division of Clinical Psychology


We have listened to our members and are offering a new style annual conference this year. You asked for a face to face conference with the opportunity to network, so we are bringing the DCP Conference for 2024 to a venue near you. We have one theme for the conference that will run across all 9 sites including the 3 devolved nations and a spread of locations in England.

We understand that working life is tough for everyone and have responded to that by offering a workshop style conference with the theme ‘Re-igniting Joy at Work’.

We have 2 international keynote speakers, Dr Karen Treisman, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Kate B. Hilton JD MTS, Faculty Lead, Institute of Healthcare Improvement, who together bring many years of experience in supporting individuals and organisations across the World to thrive in challenging times using evidence based approaches to working with trauma, generating hope and developing joy in work, reducing the impact of burnout, low motivation and poor morale.

The themes and ideas from the keynote speeches will be developed  in the workshops that follow, giving delegates the opportunity to explore ideas, share practice and learn with colleagues across grades, specialisms and work settings within Clinical Psychology.

This Conference will give you the opportunity to refresh and regroup with your profession allowing you time to talk to colleagues, re-connect and establish new alliances. The venue hosts from the DCP Branches and Nations will be adding their own flavour to the day by designing a creative event and we all plan to nurture you with quality food and comfortable venues.

Even if money is tight, we want you to know that tickets are modestly priced with a considerable subsidy from the DCP for members and each location will have 5 bursaries which will cover the conference fee and travel.

In a stringent financial climate with huge pressure to deliver waiting list reductions we understand that some Trusts are finding it hard to release their staff to attend CPD events. However, we would like to ask you to consider making an exception for the DCP Annual Conference. Please download the letter below to be able to support you with conference with your workplace.

Our aims for the Conference are:

  • To provide a programme that addresses current concerns for the CP workforce across the NHS and beyond ie burnout, low morale, reduced motivation, increasing inclusivity and promoting psychological safety, strengthening the ability of CPs to support colleagues to tackle these key issues.
  • To provide delegates with tools and ideas for implementing in workplace settings to support positive engagement, increase joy at work and combat burnout.
  • To respond to the needs of members by providing an opportunity for members to network face to face in regions and re-ignite collaborations and support mechanisms that may have been impacted by the move to virtual working post covid.
  • To support networking and learning with a mix of centrally delivered keynote speeches and regionally based facilitated reflective/discussion/action spaces using appreciative methodologies.
  • To reduce climate impact as far as possible through the provision of local venues.
  • To nurture delegates through the provision of pleasant venues, food, drink and creative opportunities.
  • To engage with membership regionally and centrally as well as non-members to raise the profile of the DCP as the professional body for Clinical Psychology

A member of the DCP Exec will be in attendance at all venues and will be pleased to gather feedback from delegates about your views and priorities for future conferences and other DCP matters.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be with and learn from your tribe.

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Delegate category Registration fee
BPS Member £100
Non-BPS Member £120
DCP Member £50
Student / Pre-Qual £25 

If you are Pre-Qualification or a BPS Graduate Member, please contact [email protected] to access this rate

Pre-Qual Committee Member

Free of Charge for the first 50 registrants, after which the fee is £15

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DCP Network Committee Member


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Dr Karen Treisman

Dr Karen Treisman

Dr Karen Treisman, MBE, is a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the National Health System and children’s services for several years. Karen has also worked cross-culturally in both Africa and Asia with groups ranging from former child soldiers to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. She also is the author of 10 books, including the bestselling book, “The therapeutic treasure box”, 4 sets of therapeutic card decks, and 6 therapeutic soft cuddly toys.

Karen has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, parenting, adversity (ACE’s) and attachment, and works clinically using a range of therapeutic approaches with families, systems, and children in or on the edge of care, unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people, and adopted children. Karen also specialises in supporting organisations and systems to move towards becoming, and to sustain adversity, culturally and, trauma-informed, infused, and responsive practice. This work focuses on creating meaningful and multi-layered cultural and paradigm shift across whole systems. This was the focus of Dr Treisman’s Winston Churchill Fellowship Karen was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship Travel Award which involved visited several places in the USA to further study whole system and organisational approaches to trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care and this topic is the focus of Dr Treisman’s book “A Treasure Box for Creating Trauma-Informed Organizations: A Ready-to-Use Resource For Trauma, Adversity, and Culturally Informed, Infused and Responsive Systems”.

In addition to holding a doctorate in Clinical psychology, Karen has undergone a range of specialist training courses including in EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Trauma-focused CBT, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Systemic Psychotherapy, Video Interaction Guidance, Sensory Approaches, and Theraplay.

Karen has previously worked in both Milton Keynes’s and Kensington and Chelsea’s Looked after Children and fostering services, and within the National Implementation Service for evidence-based interventions for Looked after children, children on the edge of care, and children in custody at the Michael Rutter Centre in the Maudsley Hospital; and as Clinical Lead for a court assessment and intensive intervention team for children on the edge of care and in proceedings in Islington.

Karen is the founder and director of Safe Hands and Thinking minds and within this is a consultant, trainer, speaker, and assessor to a variety of local authorities, residential and nursing homes, schools, prisons and organisations including the NHS, Barnardos, Pause, AdoptionPlus, BAAT, Pause, Action Trauma, Grandparents Plus, One Small Things, amongst many others. Karen is also an expert witness and regularly undergoes a variety of assessments for court. Additionally, Karen is also a reviewer for the Journal of Adoption and Fostering, and the Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma.

Karen was also awarded the 2018 Psychology Professional of the Year Award for Excellence in Attachment and Trauma; and Psychology Professional of the Year 2020. Karen was also awarded an MBE (Queens Honour list 2020).

Karen regularly attends and presents at local, national, and international trauma, parenting, and attachment conferences. Karen is also a TEDx speaker on the power of relationships and viewing behaviour as communication.

Karen is the author of “Working with children and adolescents who have experienced relational and developmental trauma” (Routledge, 2016); and the best-selling book- “A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma: Creative techniques and activities”. Karen is also the designer of “A Therapeutic Treasure Deck: Sentence-completion and Feelings Cards”; and “A Therapeutic Treasure Deck: Grounding, Regulating, Coping, and Soothing Cards”; the Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck; A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Strengths and Self Esteem Cards; and the Trauma Deck.

Karen is also the designer of Neon the Ninja toy and workbook; Gilly the Giraffe (Self-esteem & confidence), Cleo the Croc (Children who have been hurt and learned to be afraid to let people close, Presley the Pug (Emotional regulation, relaxation, calm, mindfulness, and finding an emotional safe place), Binnie the Baboon (Anxiety, fear, stress, and worry), and Ollie the Octopus (Bereavement, grief and loss.

Kate Hilton

Kate B. Hilton

Kate B. Hilton, JD, MTS, is Faculty and Lead Coach in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) partnership with the Health and Public Safety Workforce Resilience Technical Assistance Center, the Workforce Change Collaborative, a HRSA-funded center that supports health professional workforce grantees in their on-the-ground efforts to promote wellness and reduce burnout among health and public safety workers and trainees and create better working and learning environments across the United States.

Since 2018, Kate has contributed to IHI's Wellbeing & Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Networks, supporting health care organizations to boots joy in work, increase staff engagement & productivity, and improve overall quality of care and experience for staff and patients.

She is Lead faculty in an IHI collaboration to improve staff wellbeing, leadership & quality improvement with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in England. Katealso contributes to Safe Care Victoria's joy in work learning network in Australia and the American Society of Health System Pharmacists Wellbeing Ambassador program in the United States.

She co-authored IHI's Psychology of Change Framework and Conversation & Action Guide to Support Staff Wellbeing & Joy in Work During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic.


This event will have multiple hubs across the uk to attend. When registering please select the location you will be attending.

Message from the Sarah Meekin, DCP Northern Ireland Chair

“You will see information regarding a DCP conference which is being held across nations in June. Northern Ireland had initially hoped to participate locally and join the conference. However we reviewed the costs, including those for attendance; alongside the current financial challenges within all public sector bodies and the moratorium on external training/CPD support. As a committee we decided that it was not a viable event for DCP Northern Ireland at this time and that there was a significant risk that we would not be able to attract the numbers required to make this viable. We consulted with colleagues in other Divisions with regards to their potential attendance and also took into account that attendance from Belfast Trust would be unlikely as they will be in Encompass go live.

As a committee we will continue to work on Northern Ireland specific CPD in the upcoming months."

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Location Address Accessibility
SCOTLANDThestudio, 67 hope street, Glasgow, G2 6AE 

- Disabled access 

- 1 minute walk from Glasgow Central station 

- 10 minute walk from Glasgow Queen Street station

WALES The Lysaght Institute, Orb Drive, Newport, NR19 0RA 

- Disabled access 

- 40 minute walk from Newport train station 

- 10 minute drive from Junction 24 on M4 (via A48) 

LONDONBPS London Office, 30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE

- Disabled access 

- Induction loop available 

- 4 minute walk from Old Street station (northern line)

MIDLANDS Thestudio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP 

- Disabled access 

- 2 minute walk from Birmingham New Street station (Stephenson Street exit) 

- 5 minute walk from Birmingham Snow Hill station 

- 8 minute walk from Birmingham Moor Street station

NORTH EAST The Biscuit Factory, 16 Stoddart Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AN 

- Disabled access 

- 27 minute walk from Newcastle train station 

- 12 minute walk from Manors train station 

NORTH WEST Thestudio, 51 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN 

- Disabled access 

- 11 minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly station - 12 minute walk from Manchester Victoria station 

- Closest tram stop is Piccadilly Gardens

SOUTH EAST Reigate Manor, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9PF 

- Disabled access 

- 2 minute drive from Junction 8 on the M25 (A217) 

- 15 minute walk from Reigate station  

- 9 minute drive from Merstham Train station  

- 8 minute drive from Redhill train station

SOUTH WEST Copthorne Hotel, Armada Way, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1AR 

- Disabled access 

- 7 minute walk from Plymouth Railway station 

- 4 minute walk from Plymouth coach station

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Apply now

The Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) are offering the following bursaries to attend the DCP Annual Conference on 4 June 2024.

The bursaries will cover:

  • The registration cost of the DCP Annual Conference on 4 June 2024, to attend any of the conference venues across the UK - see website for details.
  • Travel expenses to/from your nearest conference venue (in line with BPS Expenses Guidelines)

This year, we have 5 bursaries available for each of the conference venues, meaning there are 45 bursaries available to access:

Applications must be received no later than 12 noon on Friday 10 May 2024.

The committee reserves the right not to make bursary awards should there be no suitable candidates.

Eligibility Criteria:

You must have an active DCP membership at the time of application, with any of the following membership levels:

  • Full Divisional membership
  • In-Training Divisional membership
  • General Divisional membership

We welcome candidates of any background and community, including those from traditionally underrepresented and marginalised backgrounds in our profession, to apply.

How to apply:

You will be required to submit an application through the Questback system.

You will be asked for the following information:

  1. Your Name and BPS Membership Number
  2. The local DCP conference venue to which you're applying for a bursary
  3. A brief 300 word statement explaining why you should be awarded a bursary and how you will benefit from attending the conference.

Only applications made online through this form will be accepted.

One application per person will be accepted. If multiple applications are submitted, they will all be forfeited.

How your application will be reviewed:

  1. Eligibility checks will be carried out by the BPS office. Ineligible submissions will not be sent out for review.
  2. Your submission will be anonymised before sending to the regional panels
  3. Each regional panel, compromised of at least 3 conference venue host committee, will review your application on the following criteria:
  • Enthusiasm for attending the DCP conference
  • Reasons provided of benefits of attending the DCP Conference
  1. The highest rated submissions will receive bursaries. In the event of equal ratings, the panel will discuss and agree awards.

You will be informed of the outcome of your application by no later than the afternoon of Friday 17 May 2024, with instructions provided on how to claim your bursary.

Communication with successful applicants:

If you are successful with your application, you will be sent two emails - one no later than Friday 17 May 2024 informing you of how to claim your bursary and a second in the week commencing 20 May 2024 as a reminder.

NB: Successful applicants must register with the discount code provided by email no later than Friday 28 May 2024.

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Bursary applications open9:00am – 26 February 2024
Deadline for bursary applications12 noon – Friday 10 May 2024
Bursary panel to review and shortlist applicantsWeek commencing 13 May 2024

Final shortlist of applicants

  • Successful (up to 5 per venue)
  • Unsuccessful
No later than 12 noon – Friday 17 May 2024
Applicants notified of outcomesNo later than PM – Friday 17 May 2024
Follow-up with applicants if no response receivedWeek commencing 20 May 2024
Deadline for applicants to claim bursary (to make contact to book travel/register with discount code)12 noon – Friday 28 May 2024
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