Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board

Call for Assessors for the Qualification in Counselling Psychology (Pre-2018 Route & 2018 Route)

The Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board is concerned with the assessment of the Society's Qualification in Counselling Psychology (QCoP) (also known as the 'independent route") to gaining eligibility to apply for Chartered Membership of the Society and Full Membership of the Division of Counselling Psychology, and eligibility to apply to the Health and Care Professions Council for registration as a Counselling Psychologist.

A new route was introduced in 2018 and this will eventually supersede the current route in 2023, until then the two routes will run concurrently and the assessment team will assess both. The assessment team consists of a minimum of 10 assessors and is renewed every three years. We are currently approaching this renewal point. Current assessors are invited to reapply and new colleagues will be very welcome.

Pre-2018 Route

The Qualification comprises a range of units, including Documentary Evidence Units which involve submission of requisite documentary evidence fulfilling certain requirements, and Assessment Units which involve submission of pieces of written work, culminating in a viva examination at the end of the process.  

2018 Route

The post- 2018 route consists of the same units of assessment, grouped into portfolios rather than as standalone pieces of work. 

The Pre-2018 route will close 2023.

The Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board is seeking to appoint ten assessors to undertake the assessment of submissions against the published criteria for both routes. The assessment points will vary depending on whether you are allocated submissions from the current or revised version of the qualification, but your availability will be checked prior to allocation of work.  The assessment of written work is carried out electronically.  The role of assessor will also include assessment of the final assessment, which includes a reflective essay and a viva.  Viva examinations will usually be held in June and November. Due to Covid-19 viva examinations are currently being held via Zoom.

For the pre-2018 Route Assessors receive payment for each unit of work marked, with the payment per unit varying according to the individual unit. For the 2018 route Assessors receive payment for each portfolio marked. This post does not require attendance at Board meetings.  In the first two years a new assessor is paired, by the Chief Assessor, with a more experienced assessor.  Appointment to the role of assessor lasts for three years and there is an expectation that an assessor will be willing to mark any range of units.  Assessors are also required to engage in an annual paper-based appraisal. 

If you are interested in applying for this role, please refer to the details below. Current members of the assessor team are encouraged to re-apply.

Job description

The Assessor is required to:

  • Check for dual relationships prior to allocation of candidate work and report these to the Qualifications Officer;
  • Check that they have received all of their allocated work shortly after the Qualifications Officer has confirmed that it has been sent and confirm this with their allocated moderator;
  • Liaise with their co-assessor and agree arrangements for discussing marks and writing up the feedback;
  • Discuss with their co-assessor and moderator any unexpected events relevant to assessment process;
  • Ensure that all candidate feedback is internally consistent and appropriately and fully completed by the deadline;
  • Send for moderation all fails, disagreements, undecided/borderline and conditional pass results;
  • Attend the annual assessors training at least once every two years;
  • Highlight any improvements that may be needed in the assessment process and procedures where relevant.
  • Complete an annual paper-based appraisal

Person specification:

  • Chartered Psychologist for a minimum of two years
  • Full Member of the Division of Counselling Psychology
  • Registered as a Counselling Psychologist with the HCPC
  • Experience of teaching, assessing or supervising at postgraduate level

Newly appointed assessors must attend the annual training day for assessors (usually held in Autumn of each year).  In order to remain an assessor, assessors must attend at least one annual assessors training day in any two year period.  Assessors are of course welcome, and indeed encouraged, to attend the training day each year.

How to apply

In order to apply to become an assessor, please apply in writing to the Counselling Psychology Qualifications Board with a Statement of Interest and accompanying CV.  A reference will be sought from the referee that you name on your Statement of Interest form.  The Board would welcome applications from both existing QCoP assessors and those new to the role.

If you are interested in applying for the role please contact Sophia Haq, Assessment & Awards Officer for a Statement of Interest form at [email protected]

An informal discussion can be arranged if required with the Chief Assessor, Susan van Scoyoc, please get in touch.