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The precise duties of an Assistant Psychologist can vary depending on the specific area of psychology involved, but in general they will involve tasks such as:

  • Preparing/administering psychological tests and assessments
  • Observing and recording behavioural observations
  • Implementing specific treatment and intervention programmes
  • Research and information gathering

How do I become an Assistant Psychologist?

In order to become an Assistant Psychologist you will need an undergraduate degree in psychology (ideally one which is accredited by the BPS, as membership of the society is often a prerequisite for many posts).

Due to the highly competitive nature of the field it is recommended that candidates also possess a relevant postgraduate qualification, and conversion courses are available at both MSc and PGDip levels as an alternative route for those whose undergraduate qualifications have not yet been accredited.

For many the role of an Assistant Psychologist serves as a stepping-stone towards full qualification as a Chartered Psychologist, as it allows them the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in their chosen field, while working under the direct supervision of an experienced professional, as part of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team.

Where do Assistant Psychologists work?

Assistant Psychologists in the UK typically work in the healthcare field, often for the NHS, however other opportunities for employment can also be found in human resources, education, forensic settings, and the non-profit sector.

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