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About us

Find out who we are and explore information about our awards and grants, campaigns, EDI commitment and how to find jobs.

The home of psychology

We’re passionate about promoting excellence in the ethical practice of psychology across science, education and in real life practical situations.

As a charitable organisation and the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK, we take great pride in setting high standards and being the flagship organisation for the discipline - raising aspirations and creating opportunities for shared thinking and learning.

Part of our mission is to create greater public awareness of psychology - sparking new interests and engagements, while increasing the knowledge and passion that exists for the discipline across a variety of settings.

As a society, we promise to:

  • Uphold our position as the recognised learned organisation and professional body for psychology
  • Foster an equal, diverse and inclusive community
  • Champion psychology and psychologists
  • Be the voice of psychology

Creating an inclusive community

The BPS is a place where people from any background can feel welcome. We oppose any form of prejudice or discrimination. We promise to challenge all anti-inclusive behaviour.

We embed inclusivity by:

  • Advocating the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in everything we do
  • Taking responsibility for improving practices and communicating psychological knowledge of EDI to members and stakeholders
  • Incorporating EDI within our policies, practices and behaviours
  • Measuring, assessing and reflecting on our EDI progress every year

In order to maintain the highest standards, we have our own Presidential Task Force - designed to ensure that we take the necessary actions to uphold our EDI promises.

You can also find out more about our approach to EDI through a series of bespoke webinars, and access more information about our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion in our society declaration statement.

An agile structure

Our structure makes sure that we govern the society in the best and most efficient way possible. We achieve this through the following departments and strategies:

  • Board of Trustees 
  • Management Team
  • Boards and Committees
  • Reports and Reviews 
  • Strategic Framework 
  • Memoranda

View more about each group within this structure.