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Episode 23: Whose psychology is it anyway? Making psychological research more representative

We explore modern psychology’s relationship with race and representation in the latest episode of PsychCrunch.

21 January 2021

By PsychCrunch

In this episode, Emily Reynolds, staff writer at Research Digest, explores modern psychology's relationship with race and representation.

It's well-known that psychology has a generalisability problem, with studies overwhelmingly using so-called "WEIRD" participants: those who are Western and educated and from industrialised, rich and democratic societies.

But how does that shape the assumptions we make about participants of different racial identities or cultures? And how can top-tier psychology journals improve diversity among not only participants but also authors and editors?

Our guests are Dr Bobby Cheon, Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Dr Steven O. Roberts, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

Episode credits:

Presented and produced by Emily Reynolds.

Script edits by Matthew Warren.

Mixing and editing by Jeff Knowler.

PsychCrunch theme music by Catherine Loveday and Jeff Knowler.

Art work by Tim Grimshaw.

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