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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin

The Wessex Psychologist Bulletin provides a platform for communication with psychologists across the region.

It allows members to share knowledge and alert fellow professionals to new developments, and also provides an avenue for developing your writing skills and increasing the list of publications to your name.

The Bulletin focuses on the winners of the Wessex Branch’s Tony Gale Memorial Prize, by publishing articles from students’ winning dissertations. There is also the opportunity to report on an event or conference in the Wessex region.

Scheduled publication frequency:

  • once a year


  • Emma Palmer Cooper


For general enquiries please email [email protected]

For copyright enquiries and permissions requests please email [email protected]

We want to include items that will appeal to a wide audience, which includes psychologists of all disciplines, academics and students, members of other professions who also hold British Psychological Society membership and anyone who has an interest in psychology.

The following are indicative of the kinds of submissions we welcome but we are open to suggestions. If you have an idea which is not listed, please contact a member of the Committee to discuss it.

Event reviews

Short reviews of British Psychological Society events (workshops, conferences) of around 500 words are welcome. This could be your experience of volunteering at a BPS event, or simply attending an event that you found inspiring.

Book Reviews

The review could focus on a core text, a seminal book, a new edition, or your own book. Reviews should provide a brief overview of the book's contents, a context for its existence, why it is useful and for whom and should be around 300 words in length.

Writing style and format

Please write for an intelligent, educated but non-specialist audience, in clear, non-technical language, which can engage the interest of the membership at large.

Pieces containing discriminatory or devaluing language (e.g. sexist, homophobic, racist) will not be included in the newsletter.

Please use Arial font size 12, 1.5 line spacing as a minimum, and follow the BPS Style Guide.

Submitting your piece

Manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document by email to [email protected]

Please provide your contact details (email at a minimum) in case of queries, and the name, title and any other information you would like to be shown against your submission in the Newsletter.

We reserve the right to edit items where necessary.

If you would like any further information please contact the editor via the branch email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hard copy subscriptions are not available for this publication.

Single issues are available for purchase in pdf format via the BPS Shop online.

Members of the British Psychological Society can download copies of the newsletter for free.

For queries regarding subscription please contact [email protected] quoting ‘Wessex Psychologist Bulletin subscriptions' in the subject line.

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