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How can psychology tackle class-based inequalities?

We asked on Twitter…

16 June 2022

Jo Laura @JoaBooth

The psychology peer review system needs to be overhauled to ensure diversity in the research pool we are working with. All journals should ramp up specifications to ensure equal class representation along with other underrepresented groups. 

Cara C @CCarapsych

To start, admit there is an institutional resistance to make this inequality change happen and do it fast enough.

For all universities to agree to use the Contextual Admissions that is currently being trialled. 

Finally, increase diversity in higher earning positions.

Liz Jenkinson @DrLizJenkinson

Fund practitioner training to break down the barriers to qualification and representation within our profession

Dr Paul Marsden @marsattacks

By producing impartial, independent and objective evidence based on scientific inquiry - rather than politics, prejudice and partisanship.

Health Psychologies @HealthPsych2020

Actions speak louder than words. Admission of presence of inequality not enough. Fund practitioner psychologist training in applied settings, make them physically accessible for under represented groups particularly disabled candidates. P.S. do this yesterday.

Leila @leilaainge

Robust inclusion of people who experience class based inequality in research design. Without understanding intersections we risk a body of research by privileged ppl for consumption by privileged ppl. 

David A. Leavens @DaveLeavens

In the UK, our discipline is highly elitist, and this goes almost entirely unrecognised by practitioners. Our scientific ‘norms’ describe the psychology of rich white people. Psychology is, thus, poorly constituted to meaningfully address class inequities. 

Catherine Loveday @CathLoveday

Improve representation both in academia & practice; lived experience is key. 

Fund psychological research that aims to understand and address the individual/group behaviours that promote inequality. 

Help develop public understanding of the breadth of consequences of inequality.

Dominic Wrein @drwrein

Recognising just how paramount class/economic inequalities are in psychology services and how (and why) has class been left/shut out of the social justice zeitgeist of recent times.

Jen Daffin @jendaffin

There is a tendency to assume a class + economic link. Class barriers are not just about money. Prejudice is held in culture too. Not fitting or looking or sounding the part is a huge issue – for everyone who’s experiences are not ‘centered’ as well. We need to address othering.

Danielle Campbell @Dani_Cmbl

1) Offering evening and weekend appointments would certainly increase access, particularly amongst service users who can’t take the time off their work for appointments!

2) More working class clinicians! Although this would mean adopting more inclusive criteria for Doctorates.

Eira @eiraform

The educational psychology doctorate needs an overhaul in terms of funding, mileage costs and childcare, especially in light of the cost of living and petrol crisis. It’s unmanageable if you don’t have financial support from family/partner.