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DCP Faculty of Leadership and Management

The Faculty was established in 2002 and currently has over 450 members working in the NHS and independent health and social care agencies.


Membership is open to any member of the DCP who has an interest in management, leadership and service delivery issues.

Associate non-voting membership is also open to members of other BPS member networks. See the joining and benefits tab above for more details of how to join the faculty.

The faculty hosts a successful and very active email discussion forum, holds conferences and meetings and prepares responses to consultations.

The faculty committee is elected by its membership at the AGM, usually held during the annual conference.

Faculty Aims:

  • To create a national virtual network and bulletin board allowing for fast and free access to shared information and views
  • To offer support, guidance and information to members through national and regional meetings
  • To promote at a national, regional and local level management issues and requirements pertaining to the delivery of psychological services
  • To promote organisational and management issues regarding policy planning at a national level in line with the Division of Clinical Psychology's policies
  • To support leadership development through networking and CPD events


Co-Chairs: Amra Rao and Patrick Roycroft

Honorary Treasurer: Vacant

Committee Members:

  • Sara-Jane Aris
  • Jane Street 
  • Elaine Iljon Foreman
  • Rebekah Eglinton
  • Zenobia Nadirshaw
  • Olga Luzon 

GTiCP Representative: Helen Pote

Northern Ireland Representative: Mandy Irvine

Pre-Qualifications Group Representative: Melissa McRae

PSU Representative: Vacant

Scottish Representative: Vacant

Service User Representative: Joanne Hemmingfield

Welsh Representative: Adrian Neal

Clinical Psychologists as Leaders

The Clinical Psychologists as Leaders (CPL) Programme brings together a variety of work streams aimed at supporting the leadership development of clinical psychologists, including the former CPFL project, and the DCP mentoring scheme.

It aims to support leaders across the career span. The two main components of CPL are:

  • Leadership development through the DCP Mentoring Scheme
  • Leadership training and supporting leadership development through workshops, specialist groups and local networks.

See more on Leadership Development - Current Position (2018)

The aim of the programme is to provide a centralised portal for all DCP Members, across their career span, through which they can access a range of leadership development opportunities including mentoring.

What’s available to me through CPL right now? 

  • Mentoring from DCP colleagues 
  • Self-directed learning activities 
  • List of upcoming BPS and Faculty events related to leadership 
  • Reading materials and webpages 
  • Links to NHS-specific leadership resources, including courses on leadership and development relevant to clinical psychologists


 Leadership Training

A number of training events have been organised by the faculty over the years to support leaders in areas such as compassionate leadership, service models, commissioning and workforce planning.

We are currently working on developing a position statement alongside options for leadership training within the BPS. Initial scoping work has been taken to look into what is on offer during training and post qualification.

Further resources


Apply to join the faculty (students, affiliates, e-subscribers)

Apply to join the faculty (graduate, chartered, and in-training members)

Membership of the Faculty of Leadership and Management is only open to members of the British Psychological Society.

There are three grades of faculty membership:

  • Full membership

    For psychologists who are Full Members of the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) and who work in or have an interest or expertise in the field of leadership and management.

  • Affiliate membership

    For psychologists who are General (Pre-Training) and In-Training members of the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP). Affiliate members may take part in discussions but may not vote.

  • Associate membership

    For General members of the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) and non-Division members. Associate members may take part in discussions but may not vote.

If you are not already a member, you can join the faculty at the same time as applying for membership of the society.

Apply to join the society

Benefits of belonging

Benefits of Faculty for Leadership and Management membership

Benefits include an email discussion list that alerts members to new policy and guidance produced by the DoH, NIHCE and other bodies, enables the coordination of responses to consultations in addition to putting on free and low cost CPD events each year.

Member Announcement Email List

The Faculty for Leadership & Management uses its membership announcement email list to inform its members of activities and initiatives that are relevant to their interests and to make requests for engagement on topical issues. 

By becoming a member of the Faculty you are automatically added to the announcement list.

To receive these emails you will need to:

  1. become a member of the Faculty for Leadership & Management
  2. opt into receiving email communication and provide a working email address

These preferences can be updated by logging into your member portal.

If you have any queries, please contact Member Network Services.

To assist us in responding to your query please make sure to include your membership number and quote 'Faculty for Leadership & Management announcement email' in the subject line.

Member Discussion Email List

To join the Member Discussion List please login to your member portal and click on the Preferences tile, where you’ll be able to join the discussion list.

To receive discussion list emails you will need to be 

  • a member of the DCP Leadership & Management Faculty
  • opted into receiving email communication from the Society (you can change your preference by logging onto your account via the member portal)  

Getting involved with the Faculty for Leadership and Management

The Faculty for Leadership & Management relies on a wide range of people getting involved, and the work of the Faculty is largely achieved through the dedication of unpaid volunteers.

Our volunteers come from a wide range of different backgrounds, whether they be practitioners or academics, or full members or in-training members, and together form an open and inclusive community.