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Results of BPS elections 2022 announced

The results of this year’s elections for the society’s next President-Elect and first Elected Trustee were announced at our Annual General Meeting.

27 July 2022

We are delighted to confirm that Dr Joanna North is the society’s new President-Elect, and Julia Faulconbridge will take up the new role of Elected Trustee.

The AGM also saw Nicky Hayes officially take over as President for the next two years.

The President-Elect will also be in post for the next two years before serving the same term as President, under the new rules that came into effect following approval from the Privy Council recently. The role of Elected Trustee will be taken up immediately.

We had five fantastic candidates running across both positions, and want to thank them for putting themselves forward, as well as everyone who voted in the elections and had their say on two of our most senior member positions.

Dr North said:

“Thank you so much to our members for voting for me in the election for President-Elect. I am pleased to be able to accept this role in the BPS to serve the psychology community.    

“I am looking forward to getting to know the Board of Trustees so that I can engage with them in the hard work of guiding the organisation in a way that brings everyone into the fold. 

“The impact that psychology can have on our thinking, behaviour and culture is never more needed for the benefit of all in our complex and exciting world, which is so full of immediate challenges. 

“Whatever field you work in your contribution matters, and the BPS should be a strong springboard in which you feel at home and confident.  I’m ready for the work that this involves. Thank you again for putting your faith in me. “      

Following her election as Elected-Trustee, Julia Faulconbridge, said: “I am really pleased to be the first BPS Elected Trustee, and I look forward to taking my place on the board and playing my part in helping the society to keep moving forward on its modernising pathway.”

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