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DCP Pre-Qualification Group

The Pre-Qualification Group (PQG) is for DCP members who are interested in or working towards a career in clinical psychology.


The Pre-Qualification Group (PQG) represents those who are on the journey to becoming clinical psychologists at both Pre-Training and In-Training levels of DCP membership.

Our members include those in postgraduate study or in a pre-training role, such as a Support Worker, Graduate Primary Care Mental Health Worker or Assistant Psychologist.

We host a number of PQG CPD events throughout the year whose aim is to support pre-qualified members in their journeys to becoming qualified Clinical Psychologists. Our main CPD events are:

  • the PQG Annual Conference
  • Spring Event
  • DClinPsy Application event

Our events focus on enriching experiences of pre-qualified aspiring psychologists and provide a space to learn, discuss, reflect and share ideas with others.

Joining the Pre-Qual Group

By joining the DCP at a Pre-Training or In-Training level, you will automatically become a member of the Pre-Qualification Group at no extra charge.

If you are unsure about your membership or whether you are currently a member of the DCP, please contact [email protected]

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DCP Pre-Qual Group


DCP Pre-Qual Group



Join the Committee

Our Committee are always seeking people passionate about supporting trainees and those seeking training. If you are interested in joining the Committee keep an eye out for vacancy notices, and submit a statement of interest to apply.

Submit a statement of interest form for our vacant positions

Our current committee

  • Co-Chairs (In-Training): Richard Malkin and Ken Cheung    
  • Member Engagement Co-Lead: Max Keeley
  • DCP Minorities Subcommittee Representative: Jessica Bragg
  • DCP Addictions Faculty Representative: Callum Gray
  • DCP Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology Representative: Fiona Jenkins
  • DCP Faculty of Eating Disorders Representatives: Chloe Morris / Elena Coria
  • DCP HIV & Sexual Health Faculty Representative: Rebecca Morgan
  • DCP Perinatal Faculty Representative: Laura Waring
  • DCP Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities (FPID) Representative: Luke Yates
  • DCP Faculty for the Psychology of Older People Representative: Rosie Sibley 
  • DCP Faculty for Psychosis & Complex Mental Health Representative: Rebecca Morgan
  • Nations Coordinator: Rosie Sibley
  • DCP London Representative: Hasan El-Masry
  • DCP Wales Representative: Jack Griffiths
  • DCP Scotland Representative: Laura Williams

Current vacancies:

  • Ordinary Members x 3: Vacant
  • Member Engagement Co-Lead: Vacant 
  • Events Co-Lead (x2): Vacant 
  • Publicity Co-Lead (x2): Vacant
  • Trainee Representative: Vacant
  • Division of Neuropsychology Representative: Vacant
  • DCP Communications Subcommittee Representative: Vacant
  • DCP Professional Standards Unit Representative: Vacant
  • DCP Workforce and Training Representative: Vacant
  • Faculties Coordinator: Vacant
  • DCP Children, Young People & their Families Faculty (CYPF) Representative: Vacant    
  • DCP Faculty of Forensic Psychology Representative: Vacant    
  • DCP Holistic Faculty Representative: Vacant
  • DCP Leadership and Management Faculty Representative: Vacant 
  • DCP Faculty for Oncology & Palliative Care Representative: Vacant     
  • DCP Northern Ireland Representative: Vacant
  • DCP England Representative: Vacant


Pre-Training and Assistant Psychologist Groups

We host a directory of UK Pre-Training and Assistant Psychologist Groups.

To get involved in a local Pre-Training or Assistant Psychologist group please complete the Pre-Training/Assistant Groups Questionnaire.

Access the directory of Pre-Training and Assistant Psychologist Groups

Local Assistant and Aspiring Psychologist Groups

The Pre-Qualification Group has contacted known Assistant and Aspiring Psychologist Groups within the UK.

The information within this document has been provided by the Assistant and Aspiring Psychologist Groups.

The Pre-Qualification Group has collated this information into one document to support its members to access local groups.

Assistant and aspiring psychologist groups

DCP Members only

Download the group document

Alternative Handbook 2022: Postgraduate Training Courses in Clinical Psychology

The Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) Pre-Qualification Group (PQG) proudly presents The Alternative Handbook 2022: A trainee's guide to postgraduate clinical psychology courses.

In this publication, we have asked the current trainees from across all year groups to tell us what it is like to be a trainee on these courses.

Overall, the information provided here aims to give you a flavour of what it is really like to be a trainee at the courses which interest you.

Download the Alternative Handbook 2022

Application advice and assistance

Applying for Clinical Psychology Training

In this 2-part video, a panel discusses applying for clinical psychology training and answer a series of questions provided by prospective applicants.

NB: All comments expressed the are personal opinions of the panel members not those of any organizations they are currently or previously affiliated with.

Applying for a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

As the pre-qualification group for the division of clinical psychology, we have gathered questions from potential applicants to support with their application journey.

All answers have been collated from a mix of course representatives, prior applicants and wider committees within the division, to ensure answers are reflective and representative of the process.

We thank all of those who have been involved in this piece of work and we hope this helps aid some clarity to the applicants for this year.

In addition to this document, we would recommend reviewing the further detail on Leeds Clearing house and utilising the alternative handbook when beginning your application.

Seeing is Believing: The Changing Face of Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychology profession in the UK is made up of predominantly White, middle-class women.

There are various systemic barriers to people from Black, Asian, and other Minority Ethnic backgrounds trying to enter the profession.

These include a lack of access to advice within the profession and an off-putting lack of representation.

To put it plainly, "You can't be what you can't see".

This channel (developed as part of the DCP BME Mentoring Scheme, founded & led by Dr. Kat Alcock) aims to provide honest advice & reflections from trainee & qualified clinical psychologists from Black, Asian and Other Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

The videos were created for school students, undergraduates, families, aspiring clinical psychologists, career advisors & lecturers.

Visit the Changing Face of Clinical Psychology channel

Covid-19 resources relevant to pre-qualified members

There are also a variety of other resources available on the society's main Coronavirus Resources hub.


Insights: The DCP Pre-Qualified Group Podcast

Join hosts Melissa McRae and Liam Myles as they interview a variety of clinical psychologists working in various services and roles, bringing insights and reflections on the nature of their work.

Episode 1: Dr Claire Stark

Episode 2: Alison Spencer

Episode 3: Amra Saleem Rao and Sophie Doswell

Episode 4: BPS Careers Festival Special

Let's Get to Clinical

A podcast which seeks to enrich the journey for anybody working towards a career in clinical psychology. Q&A and topics.

Hosted by Mark Guyers and Beth Marsh.

We're really excited to be launching Let's Get to Clinical, which will be a valuable resource for people just like us, working towards a career in clinical psychology.

The aim is to guide you and ourselves on the journey to qualification.

The Pre-Qualification Group exists to support and enrich the journey to becoming a clinical psychologist, and our new podcast is just the latest reason why people should get involved.

Episode 01

You can always find an interesting question to ask in any context

Beth invites Prof. Val Curran, Professor of Psychopharmacology and Clinical Psychologist from University College London to talk about her career in research, applications to the doctorate and leadership.

Episode 02

It just doesn’t feel like work

Beth invites Dr Sunjeev Kamboj, Clinical Psychologist from University College London to talk about his research on memory, the usefulness of health roles on the journey to qualification and how to keep participants safe whilst studying useful questions.

Episode 03

They are no longer a patient, they are now your colleague

Graham Belchamber, committee member for the Faculty of Clinical Health & expert by experience, gives advice to pre-qualified professionals who may want to support service user input in the services they work.

Episode 04

You will never find losing a watch in the evidence base: our time in IAPT

Mark and Beth reflect on their time in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) programme. We talk about the skills you gain, research you can do, the importance of supervision and support and how you can make surprising additions to the evidence base.

Episode 05

Major trauma events transcend role

Beth invites Alistair Teager, a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist to talk about his clinical work, his journey to qualification, multidisciplinary work at Salford Royal Hospital and the role clinical psychology has and can have when responding to major trauma.

Episode 06

It’s not how many eyes look over it - it’s who looks over it that makes the difference

Mark invites Joanne Iddon, a Principle Clinical Psychologist to talk about her journey to the clinical doctorate, what clinical psychology can offer our physical health clients and colleagues, how the profession can embed itself into multi disciplinary teams and how important research and audit can be.

Episode 07

Psychology can make a difference in so many areas

Mark speaks to Leanna Ong, Co-Chair of the British Psychological Society's Pre-Qualification Group @DCPPreQual and trainee clinical psychologist about her journey to clinical training. Leanna reflects on her experiences in Sri Lanka, the NHS and what part clinical psychology can play in ever changing times.

Episode 08

Psychology is making my job more enjoyable

Mark speaks to Graeme Green, a Senior Physiotherapist in persistent pain conditions. Graeme talks about his experiences of working with pre-qual psychologists, tips on how pre-qualified psychologists can work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team & how helpful psychology input is in physical health.

Episode 09

There are opportunities to show leadership at any level

Mark speaks to Melissa McRae, a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and DCP Leadership and Management Faculty Representative. Melissa talks about her experiences working in IAPT, the changes she has seen through the Covid-19 pandemic, how leadership can be shown in any role on the pre-qual journey and how attending different spaces in clinical psychology can initiate reflection.

Episode 10

A psychology degree can offer so much

Mark, Leanna Ong (Trainee Clinical Psychologist) & Kate Knott (Assistant Psychologist) the current Co-Chairs of the British Psychological Society's Pre-Qualification Group answer questions from A-level students about the journey towards training in clinical psychology.

Everything from "how do you deal with failure" to "how much do you get paid" is covered!