Transitions in Health Part 2 – Psychological Support Across the Lifespan

05 June 20249:30am - 12:30pm
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This is our second CPD event focusing on the role of psychologists in physical health. This session focuses on working with the needs of older adults in physical health and those people whose care is palliative.

The presenters will bring a real-life perspective, focusing on their professional experience and learning as psychologists in physical health settings, raising awareness of the challenges of this work.

Participation by attendees will be encouraged where possible to create an opportunity to share experiences and learning.

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Paul Beadon

Dr Paul Beadon is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialising in end-of-life care and complex bereavement and has worked in the speciality for over 16 years. His interests include the delivery of advanced communication skills training to healthcare professionals working with end of life patients and promoting the importance of psychologically-informed clinical supervision for all for healthcare staff.

Working psychologically with people facing the end of their lives

Rebecca Dow

How can we work well with older people across CHP settings?

Becci is an older adult clinical psychologist who has worked across services in Cambridgeshire, Wales, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire – with a 4 year sabbatical in Shanghai, China. As outgoing chair of the Faculty of the Psychology of Older People (FPOP), Becci is leading on the older adult competencies workstream, which seeks to identify the core skills needed by trainee clinical psychologists and psychological practitioners working with older people. In her own service Becci holds a responsibility for multiple areas of clinical health practice and brings her identity as an older adult clinician to this context. Here the approaches, models and ways of working across the lifespan, especially the older old is not the dominant narrative and there are real opportunities to draw on the similarities in clinical health psychology and older adult work whilst also highlighting areas to develop. Becci is developing services in frailty, falls and delirium and keen to develop older adult practice through cancer, long covid, diabetes and other condition specific domains. Models of intersectionality in older age is a specific interest, alongside cognitive change and assessment. Becci has over 20 years experience in older adult services across NHS settings, including inpatient, memory service, stroke, CMHT and acute hospitals and clinical health.

Stuart Gibson

Growing older for those living with HIV in the UK

Consultant Clinical Psychologist. Barts Health NHS Trust.

Stuart Gibson has been working in HIV since 1996 and has worked in Canada, USA and United Kingdom. He has been involved in a variety of research, teaching and training initiatives with the BPS Faculty for HIV & Sexual Health for many years. Stuart was the Chair for the Faculty when it published its Standards of Psychological Support for Adults Living with HIV in 2011.

Dr Geraldine Viveier


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Paul Beadon



Stuart Gibson



Rebecca Dow and Geraldine Viveier


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