Elections 2024

Voting now open until May 28 for roles of President-Elect and Elected Trustee.

Cast your vote for President-Elect and Elected Trustee 

BPS members can now vote on their choice for two senior society roles, with five candidates for our next President-Elect and two candidates for the role of Elected Trustee.

The successful candidate for the role of President-Elect will serve two years in the role from our Annual General Meeting in July, before a further two years in the role of President.

The five candidates for President-Elect are: 

  • Dr Laura Dean 
  • Jo Hemmings 
  • Dr Natalie Lancer 
  • Dr Peter McParlin 
  • Jimmy Petruzzi  

Our next Elected Trustee will sit alongside the President-Elect on our Board of Trustees, serving a three-year term (2024-2027). The two candidates for this role are: 

  • David Blackmore Carew 
  • Stephen Leadbeater 

Voting in the election for both roles is now open and will remain open until noon on 28 May. Voting is open to student, graduate, associate, full, chartered, and honorary members. 

Download a PDF of the candidates' nominee statements or read more about each candidate below.

Members will also be invited to notify trustees of their wish to join a new Environmental Psychology Section, which is being proposed. Find out more about the section proposal.  

They are also being asked to vote on a resolution on amendments to the Society's rules.

Have your say by voting online

BPS elections are managed via an online system, so please watch out for an email from our elections partner, Mi-Voice, which is an independent organisation supporting the BPS with this process. If you don't have an email address registered with the BPS, or if you have opted out of online voting, you will receive a postal ballot instead. 

Please check your member details, such as your email address, are up to date on the member portal, to ensure you receive full instructions in these elections.