Elections 2024

Voting now closed in ballots for President-Elect and Elected Trustee.

Voting closed in elections for President-Elect and Elected Trustee 

There were five candidates for our next President-Elect and two candidates for the role of Elected Trustee.

The successful candidate for the role of President-Elect will serve two years in the role from our Annual General Meeting in July, before a further two years in the role of President.

The five candidates for President-Elect are: 

  • Dr Laura Dean 
  • Jo Hemmings 
  • Dr Natalie Lancer 
  • Dr Peter McParlin 
  • Jimmy Petruzzi  

Our next Elected Trustee will sit alongside the President-Elect on our Board of Trustees, serving a three-year term (2024-2027). The two candidates for this role are: 

  • David Blackmore Carew 
  • Stephen Leadbeater 

Voting in the election for both roles is now closed. Voting was open to student, graduate, associate, full, chartered, and honorary members. 

Download a PDF of the candidates' nominee statements or read more about each candidate below.

Members were also invited to notify trustees of their wish to join a new Environmental Psychology Section, which is being proposed. Find out more about the section proposal.  

They were also being asked to vote on a resolution on amendments to the Society's rules.