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The biggest benefits of completing the Qualification in Occupational Psychology

Zara Chowdhry, a chartered psychologist, discusses her key learnings from the course.

04 April 2023

Zara Chowdhry

About the author

Zara Chowdhry is a chartered psychologist and an Organisational Development Manager who is currently working in the Cyber Security industry.

She completed the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (QOP) in October 2022, and discusses what the most important element in completing the qualification was for her, and her key takeaways from the programme.

The biggest benefits of completing the Qualification in Occupational Psychology

For me, having a dedicated, experienced Occupational Psychologist as my mentor and supervisor throughout the QOP was one of the most significant factors towards my development and successful completion of the qualification.

I personally found this invaluable, as this was something I missed having left formal education, especially because I was the only person within my department and the business who came from a psychology background.

And I have to say that I lucked out with my supervisor! We had somewhat similar career journeys, and this really enabled them to understand and coach me through the challenges I experienced throughout the course of the QOP.

They enabled me to view situations from different perspectives, which in turn led to me overcoming the challenges I initially had when embarking on the programme.

Looking back on my experience, if could pick two key learnings gained over the course of the QOP, these would be:

  • fully understanding all six aspects of the consultancy cycle and how to effectively apply these principles to every project I’m commissioned for, and
  • developing the communication skills to better explain scientific concepts to a non-scientific audience without losing the key elements of the message and enabling me to gain buy-in from stakeholders.

Aside from the above, the QOP has given me a structure to apply psychological concepts, models, and ethical principles to the workplace. 

I can confidently say that my experience on this qualification has been instrumental in my career success so far, and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

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