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Advertising in The Psychologist is a great way to tell more than 55,000 psychologists about your organisation, job vacancy, event, product, etc.

You will be reaching a large and affluent audience at highly competitive rates.

Three-quarters of our members keep their issue indefinitely – many others pass their issue on to colleagues, giving The Psychologist an average issue readership of over 67,000.

The publication is the publication for professional psychologists. The integration of the 'Careers' section has drawn more readers to it, and in a survey of job advertisers 70% said they had filled their vacancy as a result of advertising in The Psychologist. Book early for your chance to really showcase your vacancy in print as a 'featured job'.

The Psychologist has a Code of Practice which advertisers must abide by: see 'Appendix Two'. 

Read more about our advertising opportunities in our media pack.

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