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  • Enlisting the help of Godzilla and a few of its friends, Jonathan Myers considers why we see monsters and what form they take.perceptionPages: 560-563
  • As the 2015 Ashes series comes to England, Jamie Barker and Matt Slater consider the psychology at play.cricketsportPages: 552-557
  • … from our July issue (including whole section in PDF).Pages: 514-519
  • PsychCrunch is breaking bad… habits. We speak to psychology researchers in the field of habit change to see if their findings can provide real-life tips for people hoping to break bad habits or form new healthy ones. We can't promise you a life of health and success as some self-help authors do, but we might be able to help you eat less chocolate!
  • … from our July 2015 issue.Pages: 594-599
  • Image by Brad Fox with comments from Rob Willson. Download PDF for poster.
  • Letters following our June article.self-disclosurePages: 514-519

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