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Psychology is one of the most popular subjects to study because it has a big impact on all areas of life, from education and health, to the economy and crime.

Psychologists apply scientific methodology to explain human behaviour. They formulate theories, test hypotheses through observation and experiment, and analyse their reports with statistical techniques that help them identify important findings.

If you are interested in finding out why people behave the way they do or how the brain works then psychology could be for you.

Whether you are at school, studying at university or have already started your career, our resources will help you make the most of your potential.

Careers in Psychology

Our Careers Portal contains information on how to become a psychologist, studying, work experience tips and changing your career.

Accredited courses and training programmes

Search for accredited courses and how to get a course accredited. 

Professional Development Centre and CPD

Training, development and CPD opportunities through events, workshops and e-learning programmes.

Psychological testing

Assessor careers and psychological testing information.

Society qualifications

Self-study examinations and qualifications.