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Charter for Psychological Staff Wellbeing and Resilience

Findings from the British Psychological Society and New Savoy staff wellbeing surveys in 2014 have shown that psychological professionals are working under stress.

They are reporting burnout, low morale, and worrying levels of depression.

We need to take action to improve the wellbeing and resilience of our psychological staff.

The Charter for Workforce Wellbeing was launched at the 9th New Savoy conference (2016) supported by Public Health England and the NHS in Greater Manchester, as well as by leading providers.

A roundtable discussion was set to consult with the key stakeholders at the New Savoy conference.

40 people participated and represented various organizations.

Participants were asked to consider the findings of the survey and launch of the pledge in the wellbeing charter.

The two questions put for discussion were:

  • What kind of collaborative is needed to take the charter forward most successfully?
  • What are the key messages?

Read more about the Wellbeing Charter Collaborative Launch.

Based on the consultation with the key stakeholders a Collaborative Learning Network (CLaN) was set out to promote a culture of openness, enabling environment and shared learning informed.

Such a leaning network is led by providers and those who are responsible for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of staff. A number of Pathfinder Site were recruited to initiate this process.

Read more about the Collaborative Learning Network.

Current Pathfinder Sites

  • Content coming soon.

Become a Pathfinder

In order to apply to become a pathfinder site, please describe your project, how do you see this promoting workforce wellbeing and mental health and plan for dissemination of your learning . alongside the relevant review form.

There are two forms available for the (i) service leads/individuals, and (ii) organisations.

Download the Pathfinder Sites Wellbeing Review Form.

Download the Pathfinder Sites Wellbeing Review Performa.

Workforce wellbeing is an intrinsic element of a robust and effective workforce strategy as without a resilient workforce, delivery on the organizational task is likely to be problematic.

The following paper argues that we need both a reenergised BPS workforce arm and the DCP Wellbeing Project.

Read more about The Place of Wellbeing in the Psychological Professions Workforce Strategy.

The following Working Paper explores the case for a charter for staff wellbeing for psychological therapy services.

This paper describes a joint initiative by the Leadership and Management Faculty of BPS Division of Clinical Psychology and New Savoy Conference to undertake a review of workforce wellbeing in psychological services.

It reports the results of a snapshot survey of staff wellbeing in psychological therapies in 2014 and compares these with a similar survey undertaken at the start of the national programme for Improving Access for Psychological Therapies (IAPT) in 2009.

The themes from the focus group consultation at the 8th New Savoy Conference in 2015 are discussed. Findings of this project are then considered to see how we can start to improve our own staff wellbeing

 A case for a charter for wellbeing at the workplace is put forward as a positive step to enable practitioners to take back the wellbeing agenda.

Read the full Case for a Charter for Psychological Wellbeing and Resilience in the NHS.


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